MERIDA ebikes back in town!!

The COVID crisis resulted in a myriad of bicycle producers being out of stock. It’s great to know that some suppliers have bikes and electric bikes trickling back into town. Among these are some of the MERIDA ebikes. In particular, they have the eSPRESSO models. These are commuter designed ebikes that come in a women’s Mixte style frame and a men’s style frame. They are available in grey and silk green and with two different battery capacities for different budgets and riding ranges. These bikes use the SHIMANO mid-drive system and lithium ion battery. These bike have 9 speed SHIMANO Altus gears and hydraulic brakes. They come complete with integrated lights, rear rack, kick stand and mudguards. These are great bikes to choose if you are going to be commuting 20-60km or more daily and want something with both performance and comfort. It has an up-right riding position and suspension forks to take out the harsher bumps on the road. The eSPRESSO city model is a little different in that is has a very low step through so makes getting on and off super easy and suitable for people with dicky hips or dresses. Please click here to see the range of MERIDA electric bicycles we are currently stocking in our shop. Please come visit us for a free test-ride.