1000W Bafang mid-drive kit

This is the Avanti Montari hard tail mountain bike fitted with the high-power Bafang mid-drive kit. The kit is known as the 1000W kit, BBS03, and BBSHD. It is the highest power mid-drive kit that Bafang do and it packs a punch. It requires a high quality 48V battery to run. It’s definitely an off-road only conversion kit; 250W being the legal on-road limit. Here, we’ve chosen the Montari as it’s a good entry level mountain bike, running at around $850 brand new. This speedy thing is super fun for people wanting to hit the fire trails and get outdoors for a bit of fun exercise. It’s not made for hard core jumping though, you’d be best to purchase a ready to ride dual suspension ebike if you want to be doing lots of jumps and drops.