Double Dutch, LEKKER Jordaan – July 2018

Double Dutch Electric Lekker Jordaan bicycle


The LEKKER Jordaan is a very popular bike for our electric SOLAR BIKE conversion. These two were converted with a front hub motor and a 36V, 11.6 Ah rear rack battery which makes for a very elegant and capable electric bike, both pleasant to look at and comfortable to ride. The Jordaan is equipped with front and rear racks, lights and mud guards as well as a Shimano Nexus 7 speed internal hub gear and chain guard. These will have many kilometres of enjoyable electric riding ahead of them, perfect for around Fremantle and in Perth for a long time to come.

Electric FLUID Apache 1000w FAT Bike! – July 2018 *SOLD*

George's Fat Bike



Electric FLUID Apache 1000w FAT Bike!

This electric Fat bike is truly great fun! It has been converted with a 1000W Bafang mid drive motor with a Solar Bike 48V 17.5 Ah Panasonic battery to give a huge amount of torque and speed.

The bike is brand new, made for a special customer who has only test ridden it twice and payed just over $3200 for the complete bike but decided it was not for him. It is now at a bargain price of $2800!

So pop into the shop and try this beast out, you will not be disappointed with the comfort and capability of the bike! its especially fun on the beach!

The bike can be viewed and test ridden at Perth Electric Bicycles.

We will honour the full 6 months warranty with the bike!

Price Negotiable

Custom Electric POLYGON Tandem – July 2018

Black Polygon tandem

The custom electric Polygon tandem is one of the best ways to enjoy a two person ride. The captain up front has full control of the bike and gears including the electrics, this leaves the stoker (rear passenger) to only assist in pedaling. The new 27.5″ wheels improve the durability of the tandem and can take the forces of two riders and the electric motor opposed to the weaker 700c versions. Additionally, the wheels offer a lower stand over height, paired with adjustable stems and seat posts meaning that it can suit almost any rider, young or old. The drive train is SHIMANO Altus 24 speed which is good for most terrain but matched with a electric SOLARBIKE rear hub motor and battery is more than capable of the steepest hills.

Overall the electric POLYGON tandem is a fast, comfortable and reliable way to ride together and be enjoyed by everyone.

LEKKER Amsterdam 250w Mid drive – April 2018


The LEKKER Amsterdam commuter series with 7 Speed integrated hub and grip shifter goes along well with a 250W mid drive system. The Amsterdam offers a very comfortable ride with a lot of style. The bike holds well with clean simple lines with very few wires being seen.  The satin black with black battery keeps the bike in tune with the original looks but now more than capable of making long commutes easy. The 250W solarbike mid drive with pedal assist and thumb throttle paired with a 36v 11.6Ah tube battery makes for a great ride.

PAPILLIONAIRE Cafe Racer Custom – March 2018



The PAPILLIONAIRE Cafe Racer works very well at 3 things: speed, comfort and style. The Cafe Racer is avalible in both 3 and 8 speed, the 8 speed being the more appropriate option for the electric conversion. The inverted handle bars offer a lower and more aggressive riding possition which fits very well with the old school style of the original cafe racers, made for urban speed.  The chromoly steel is perfect for a durable, reliable ride and makes a solid base for the electric convertion. This customer went for a 36V, 11.6H battery with a 200W which will give him good range and keeping with the theme of light weight speed.

The PAPILLIONAIRE comes in many different colours with different matching parts, The Olive green colour scheme and crafted brown leather saddle and grips really set the bike off well with gum trye walls. All pointing at the old school style of the English cafe race. A timeless classic.


Custom Reid Singlespeed February 2018



Increasingly popular single speed bikes seem to be starting to take over the streets and I for one can see why! There are so many reason why, style, speed, clean, comfort, simple and reliability are to just name a few. This particular bike is a REID Harrier that offers a very comfortable and easy ride, made even better with addition of our Solarbike 200W Electric conversion kit. The electric kit will certainly be helping this customer to and from work. We offer many different kits to suit all your needs. Single speed bikes have become the new craze and we can take you to the next level with a electric conversion!

EARTH Prime Mi5 February 2018




The EARTH Prime Mi5 is the go anywhere do anything all rounder bike from EARTH. This hardtail gives the best of both worlds, hitting the mountains and trails at the weekend and getting you to work again for monday. The EARTH features a clean and smooth looking intergrated panasonic lithium ion battery (36V 14A) with a handy USB port to charge smartphones. The battery goes well with the 250W rear hub motor all rolling on Schwable Smart Sam MTB tyres that are more than capable of keeping your grip on the trails and rolling fast on the commute.

One of Mi5’s best features is the heads up LCD multi function display that gives you speed, distance, level of peddle assit and a battery level indicator. All which are valuable and helpful instruments that are nice to know as you ride along but there are many options to change depending on what you would like to see on the screen. Other features include Shimano cranks and gears with some good stopping power of the Tektro disc brakes front and rear.  The overall weight is 21.8kg considering it is an integrated battery with all the great add on’s that will happily get you to work and through the trails with ease then we really recommend The EARTH Prime Mi5.

The EARTH is also a very fast bike, looking at pushing just under 30km which is amazing for a hardtail mountain bike.

Overall this is an incredibly good value for money electric bike straight from the factory, that is not only fast but also looks great for where ever you are and what ever you’ll be doing on this EARTH Prime Mi5.


  • Panasonic 14Ah High Capacity Battery
  • F/R Tektro Disc Brakes
  • SCHWALBE Smart Sam Tires
  • Multi Function LCD Display Panel
  • Shimano SIS 21 Speed Gears
  • Wheel Size 27.5″
  • 250W motor


Price: 2,490


Come test ride yours today at our shop in Fremantle.

Lekker Jordaan February 2018

Lekker Jordaan Electric Perth Electric Bicycles

The new electric Jordaan is Lekker’s newsest model. The stylish city criuser is a extremely comftable ride that has style to go alomng with it. It had a integrated tail light and a very nive front head light to get you home safely and seen. One of the Jordaans best features is the Nuvinci hub, which is seamless gear shift technology. This makes for a great ride no matter where you go or what you are carrying.  So the new Jordaan is a light, comfortable, fast and stylish bike from LEKKER.



Lemond Alpe d’Huez Singlespeed with Electric Conversion

It’s the time of year for late nights spent watching le Tour with Liggett and Sherwen reminding us how warm it is in the Northern Hemisphere. Indeed, in the midst of a Perth winter it can be a little hard to maintain the motivation to get out there on the bike. That’s where this recent conversion of ours comes in.

The bike in question is a Lemond Alpe d’Huez; few names are as heavily steeped in the folklore of the Tour de France. Greg Lemond was a cycling legend, inspiring generations of elite American road cyclists and as for Alpe d’Huez, well, ask anyone who follows cycling and they’ll tell you just how many of the most captivating stages have traversed this grueling climb. Suffice it to say that this bike was a purpose built, lightweight road bike set up in singlespeed for simple, no nonsense performance and handling.

Its owner, Dennis, loved it, but wanted to take it on longer rides without worrying about getting caught out by the odd steep climb or brutal headwind that Perth bike commuters are all too familiar with. We fitted it with an electric conversion kit that was in keeping with the simplicity and performance of this bike.


Lemond Alp D'Huez

One of the lightest Electric Bikes we’ve set up, the Alpe D’Huez is sure to make hill climbing a breeze!

Using one of our 700c Rear hub motor kits and a Panasonic 36V 9Ah tube battery we were able to convert this bike into a truly capable recreational road bike. Weighing in at under 16 kilos, it’s one of the lightest builds we’ve ever done which ensures good acceleration from the 250 Watt motor as well as a range of over 35 kilometres on a charge with light to moderate pedal input.

As regular cyclists will tell you, staying on the bike during the winter can be a drag but it’s truly rewarding if you stick it out. So if you’re looking for something that’ll motivate you to keep riding even when the weather gets inclement, an electric conversion kit for your bike may be well worth considering!

Perth Electric Bicycle’s weekly special $300 off!


This week’s fantastic special is the AVANTI Discovery 2 decked out with the SOLAR BIKE mini-motor Panasonic tube kit. It’s one of the most comfortable commuter bikes out there due to the suspension forks and suspension seat pole.  With the electric conversion kit this bike will quickly become your main form of transportation.

Usually this setup goes for $1990.  We’ve put it on special for one week only starting today for $1690.  Please come into the shop to take one for a test ride!

Sale ends 27/06/17.