Chrissy’s electric conversion kit testimonial, May 2017

Chrissy Bike


Following one to many effort-full rides home from Freo going back up the hill, I thought to my self there must be an easier way to do local trips without using my car. Turns out there was!

I visited Matt and Wills in their shop in Fremantle because apart from being really knowledgeable about bike stuff, they also had electric conversion kits that I could put on the bike I already had… winning!

Since getting the kit I hardly use my car and I travel further on my bike that I ever thought I would – because now it’s easy. I often ride to from White Gum to Cottesloe for a coffee and I’ve even gone into Perth on it. The best part of having it is that I can ride my bike normally if I want to or turn the motor on and feel the wind in my hair… Its the best decision I’ve made in years.

So thank you Matt and Wills, thank you so very much. My trusty steed has served me well.


Electric Breezer Uptown

The Breezer Uptown is a shop favourite and with it’s stylish looks, quality frame and comfortable riding position it’s easy to see why. We spent a lot of time trying to find a stepthrough bike that’s suitable for both smaller riders and our electric conversion kits and the Uptown is a great fit.

Electric Breezer Uptown

A stylish and comfoprtable stepthrough with Solarbike’s brand new pedal assist system

The aluminium frame has among the lowest step-over heights of any bike on the market, making getting on and off much more comfortable than other women’s specific bikes. Not only this, but the smaller 26″ wheels allows for much snappier handling as well as a lower riding position, further benefiting comfort. We’ve fitted the Uptown with one of our newest electric conversion kits featuring an updated pedal assist system with a lovely colourful display and a newer slim-line Panasonic lithium ion rack battery. This is one of the cutest electric bicycles on the market and well worth a test ride.

Electric Women’s Giant Cross City

It’s been pretty busy at the shop over the last couple of weeks and in that time, we’ve churned out some great new electric conversions on some models that we had not yet had the pleasure of working on. That said, there have been plenty of bread and butter conversions too like this shop favourite: The Giant Cross City.

We’ve been fitting our electric conversion kits to these bikes from the very beginning and it’s easy to see why: these are well priced, well specc’d and are fully compatible with our systems. Not only this, but they’re a blast to ride! This one is the women’s specific RX version which runs a high end Shimano 30 speed groupset, Giant’s lightweight wheelset and finishing kit and a SL Aluminium frame mated with a composite fork.

Women's Giant Cross city

A great flatbar road bike with our long range electric conversion kit

We’ve fitted it with one of our newest systems: the Tigershark 36V 14Ah Lithium Ion Battery. This is a slimline, lightweight system featuring the latest Panasonic cells and should give a range of around 55kms with light to moderate pedaling input. As for the motor, the composite fork means we’ve opted for a rear wheel drive 200 Watt mini motor which should give good power assistance up to speeds of 30 km/h.

The entire Cross City family of bikes are ideal for electric conversion and this top spec one makes for a very light final product, weighing in at around 18 kilos all up. With quality components and construction it’s sure to be a reliable commuter that’s comfortable and efficient enough to cover long distances week in, week out.


Long Range Tiger Shark Battery on Giant Cross City, February 2017

Electric Giant Cross City with 21Ah Tiger Shark battery

This bicycle had done 30km trips a day for about 4 years on a 17Ah rack battery; it was time for an upgrade as the range had slightly dropped and it was no longer possible to commute the 30km on a single charge anymore. The customer opted for the newest of SOLAR BIKE’s long range battery options. This one has a huge 36V 21Ah capacity and it’s added bonus is that it’s small enough to fit within the frame of the bicycle for better handling. A battery is a consumable item but if you’re getting thousands of km out of one for a few years then it’s well worth investing in a top quality one right from the beginning that will well and truly give you your desired range. The new Tiger Shark battery styles are available in 36V 14Ah and 36V 21Ah. It’s far beyond what many people need but if you’re running a larger high power direct drive motor then it may well be worth the investment from the beginning. These new moulds have the latest 3500mAh cells from PANASONIC that came out last year. They are the best on the market this year for sure for commercially available ebikes.

1000W Electric Beach Cruiser

Electric 1000W beach cruiser bike

This is a 3 speed beach cruiser that we get in from time to time and electrify. It’s called the Skull & Cross bones. For this one, we put a 1000W Solar Bike kit on with a really long range 48V 17Ah rack battery. This is the type of bike that suits elderly gentlemen with no teeth, tattoos and no license. It’s very comfortable, easy to pedal and has a nice bit of electric kit on it to help when things get tough. It’s one of the best beach cruisers we’ve done in a while.

Electric Men’s Lekker Jordaan

The Men's Jordaan is a fantastic balance between comfort and practicality.

LEKKER have just released a new model, it’s an upgrade of their previous Men’s Sportief model. This one has a nicer 7 speed SHIMANO Nexus internal hub and aluminum frame. It also has a stylish front rack for carrying those extra loads or backpacks. This is the first model to become electric and it came together nicely. The customer desired a rear carrier rack but it would work equally as well with any of the in-frame mounted batteries.  It’s a pleasure to ride, it’s comfortable and stylish and a great commuting machine.


Electric TCR Giant road bike


It’s always a bit of a tough one to convert a road bike. The problem lies with drop-bars. They have a larger diameter than all other sets of bars and we’ve found it impossible to get throttles to match. We’ve done a few dodgy solutions to get by in previous times but here is far more elegant solution. Use a mid-drive conversion kit with torque sensing. This allows you to get away with not needing a throttle. The pressure on the pedals activates the motor straight away – as opposed to a regular cadence sensing motor that requires a few revolutions of the pedals. Our little mid-drive kits are really superb now. They are small, quiet, pressure sensitive and full of power. You can modify quite a few settings from the LCD as well. This TCR came together nicely, it takes a little longer as you have to replace the bottom bracket but the result is worth the effort. Our customer will surely be pleasantly surprised with his new ride – or his old ride made new.



The Bike

One of our new eye catchers is the SolarBike converted Norco Indie a flash colored lightweight urban city bike from North America. Before conversion the Indie is a bike with 8-speed gears, disc brakes and a stiff frame. A joy for the eye and great to ride up and down the streets of Perth and around.

The SolarBike Conversion

We converted the Norco Indie to an electric pedal assisted bike featuring 750 Watt Bafang mid-drive motor which together with a 48V 11.6Ah battery will take you quickly to your destination. The mid-drive motor assists you pedaling along the streets while you enjoy your morning-midday or afternoon rides. All in all, a great bike that will draw some looks with you riding it.

MERIDA BIG 9 100 Made Electric!


This is the MERIDA Big 9 100 that has been converted with a SOLAR BIKE high power 1500 Watt kit. The local butcher needed something to deliver his products around the hills and this bike fit the picture. The motor is mounted in the rear dropouts and supported using two torque bars. The battery was neatly put in a rear rack. It has a 48V 17Ah capacity for a great extended range. This is a super bike, excellent hydraulic disc brakes and top forks make it quick to stop and soft over the bumps. It’s a neat configuration.


The new VALLKREE is in stock. The Scrambler is their 500W model that comes with a bit more punch than usual. At first we were a bit dubious about ordering the smokey blue colour from online pictures but we’re extremely impressed to see it in the flesh. This latest up-spec model comes with a 5 speed pedal assist function as well as open throttle. It’s a beautiful and classic electric bike if you’re a classy type of ebike enthusiast!