Electric Elliptigo

Elliptigo Electric

This is the Elliptigo It’s a strange contraption that gets along by doing a type of skiing motion. Toby asked us to convert it to electric about 8 months ago.  Here is his review:

“I ride a weird bike because I had a spinal fusion and cannot ride a normal bike. Its less like riding and more like running.  Combine the running, the smaller wheels, a 36 km daily commute and you have a recipe for exhaustion and overlong days.

Enter the electric conversion. I can use my bike every day now, the commute time is manageable and I’m not exercising into an early grave. The best part is I still get to exercise. Riding with an electric motor is a bit unusual. The extra power doesn’t stop me pedalling, but there’s a steep drop-off in return past the max speed generated by the motor.  I had the conversion done around November 2015. Eight months later, the battery and motor are still running smoothly.

The Fremantle crew were great. Converting the Elliptigo required some creative thinking and a wheel rebuild but they got the job done and were cheery and enthusiastic throughout the process. I wholeheartedly endorse electric conversion kits for commuter cyclists. Anything that keeps you riding every day pays for itself very quickly with lower transport costs and better health. Give it a go and if you do try the Fremantle people, they seem nice.”

Avanti Montari 4 Mid-Drive

Though the vast majority of electric bike conversion kits take the form of hub motors, alternative systems such as mid-drive systems have carved out a solid niche in the market. While they lack the simplicity of hub drive systems, they may well fit the bill should you have specific needs. Their compatibility with existing drive trains makes their power delivery extremely flexible being able to make use of high torque gears in the hills whilst also being able to use bigger gears for efficient cruising.

Of all the major mid-drive conversions available, the BAFANG BBS systems caught our eye as the best option for performance and integration, in particular, the 48Volt BBS02 which we fitted to an Avanti Montari 4 Hard Tail mountain bike.


Avanti Montari 4 Mid-Drive

A top notch Hard Tail Mountain Bike equipped with BAFANG’s phenomenal BBS02 Mid Drive motor

The end result is a spectacularly fast, robust not to mention purposeful-looking electric bike with 750 Watts of power for going and reliable Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes for stopping. Short of the 2000+ Watt monsters that some manufacturers are supplying in Australia this is one of the best performing electric bicycles that this mechanic has ever ridden.

It’s also worth mentioning that BAFANG make these mid drive systems for all applications, offering more modest power outputs of 250, 350 and 500 Watts that should suit everyday commuting and recreational use extremely well. What’s more, the nature of the mounting system means that the bike’s existing wheelset can be retained.

If you’ve been thinking about an electric bike conversion but perhaps want to try something a little different, a mid-drive system is well worth considering. This AVANTI Montari is currently in our Fremantle store and available for a test ride. It’s also available to buy with a demonstrator discount for just $2400 down from $3150.

Also, if you’re thinking of converting your bike using a BAFANG system, we now have them available starting from $1500.


New Electric Bike Conversions


Although we’re known for our great range of purpose built electric bikes from great brands such as GEPIDA, MERIDA and BH EASYMOTION, our real passion here at Perth Electric Bicycles is providing one of Australia’s best ranges of Electric Bike conversion kits. Over the years we’ve converted a huge variety of bikes to suit all types of riding. We’ve also got a great range of conversion-ready bikes from brands such as AVANTI, LEKKER and ORBEA.

Here are a few of our latest conversions:



Avanti Montari 4 with BAFANG BBS02 Mid Drive Kit


Lekker Sportief with 350 Watt Front Wheel Kit


Papillionaire Cafe Racer with 350 Watt front wheel kit


Avanti Inc 2 with front wheel QT kit


Electric Schwinn Cruiser


Merida Big Seven with 650B rear wheel motor


Lekker Jordaan with Front Wheel Conversion Kit

Electric Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike

Montague are a bike company in the US that started up about 30 years ago. In 1987 they took some money from the US marine corps to build the Paratrooper bike, designed to be folded quickly and used by Paratroopers to exit from military aircraft. The rumours around the shop being told were that paratroopers would jump out of planes and attach a 10m rope to the bike, the bike would hit the ground first and allow the jumper to land in clear space.  The bike apparently would survive the fall due to its robust build. We were skeptical so did the old google tube search to find this video. You make up your decision on how well the bike would survive and how useful bikes in war would be but that’s the story.  So, Montague Paratrooper made its way into our shop last week and we were asked to put a conversion kit on it.  We fitted it up with a rear wheel motor and a seat tube battery. It goes nicely and it retains its extremely well designed fold-ability. We couldn’t recommend throwing it out of a plane though.Electric Montague Paratrooper

Electric Belt Driven Avanti Inc 2

Electric Avanti Inc2

Electric Avanti Inc2 with SAMSUNG battery and SOLAR BIKE motor kit.

People who have ever ridden a belt driven bike never use a chain again and the same can nearly be said for both using an internal hub and an electric motor. This bike has it all! The AVANTI INC2 comes with a belt driven SHIMANO Alfine 8 speed.  It’s a beautifully smooth and quiet bike. It changes gears cleanly with the touch of a finger and the belt makes riding silent.  We’ve added the SOLAR BIKE mini-motor and a 36V 14.5Ah SAMSUNG lithium ion battery pack. This bike should have a range well in excess of 60km. It’s our new favourite shop bike. 

Electric Specialized Rockhopper

Quality entry level mountainbikes like this Specialized Rockhopper are excellent bikes to make electric. Featuring a durable aluminium alloy frame, 100mm suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes and a reliable shimano drivetrain,  the Rockhopper can take whatever you throw at it- be it out on the trail or on the daily commute.

Specialized Rockhopper

We’ve fitted it with a rear wheel mini motor kit running an upgraded 500 Watt controller paired to our lightweight Panasonic 11.6Ah Tube battery to give outstanding performance out to a range of around 30kms. This one will probably see mostly commuting use, but with a rear- drive setup, it’ll comfortably handle heritage trails and varied terrain- ideal for longer  weekend adventures!

500W Black Beauty Electric Bike

photo (10)

Here’s a real nice cruiser conversion with a 500W Solar Bike hub motor on the front and the battery incorporated into the rear rack. It’s the Nirve, made electric with a direct drive hub motor. 7 speed on the rear can hardly keep up to the electrics. Smooth ride, comfy, stylish and unique. Came together with a bit of love and attention today in the Perth Electric Bicycles shop.

500 Watt Street Electric Commuter from XDS


XDS Electric Street Bike $1700

XDS Electric Street Bike $1700

Classic flat handlebar steel bike with modern features. Very neat conversion, well balanced and rides beautifully. 5 speed Sturmey Archer internal gear hub. Customer wanted a 25 km range, 9AH 36Volt tube battery fits neatly into middle of frame. Best value electric bike in Perth.


electric solar bike fat bikeThis is a fat bike that a customer brought into our shop the other day.  He asked us to make it electric.  A few considerations with fat bikes for those wanting to do the same.  The first is that you need room within the frame to mount a battery.  The 11.6Ah 36V Panasonic tube battery was the best fit we could find.  Running at 36V limits you to a maximum motor power of about 50-700W, this is what we put on.  The motor however needed to be laced into the original rim (an extra $100 job), to do this you need to be sure to have the right number of spokes. Nearly all motorised rims have 36 spokes so you should count this first as some fat bike rims only have 32 and this isn’t ideal – though I’ve seen it done. The next and final thing is the drop out.  Front hub motors typically have an axle of 100mm, fat bikes have 135mm so you can’t use a typical front rim kit.  Luckily, rear wheel dropouts are 135mm so the trick is to lace a 36 spoke rear wheel kit into the original front wheel.  All up it came together well.  The bike is a lot more rideable – especially on the intended beach or track.


Electric Breezer Uptown 7

The Uptown’s aluminum frame is light and will never rust, and the durable 26” wheels, nimble for city streets, can carry heavy loads. With its 200W motor and the long lasting 11Ah battery plus its 8 speeds operated with a simple twist shifter and Joe’s proven geometry, it’s no wonder the Uptown won Bicycling Magazine’s Editors’ Choice award for “Best Commuter Bike” four years in a row

BREZZER Uptown 7

BREEZER Uptown $1900