Dreadnought Fat-Bike

The Dreadnought is a top-end rear hub motor-powered fat bike, ideal for fire trails, muddy terrain and on the beach!
The combination of high-end parts including 9 speed Shimano Alivio gears, hydraulic brakes and a long-range Samsung 14Ah lithium-ion battery means you’ll never be disappointed with this bike. The frame and battery integration is extremely neat and has internal routing of all cables for a polished finish. If you are yet to have experienced the pure comfort and enjoyment of riding a fat bike, you’re missing out! Our Dreadnoughts’ are in-stock and available for test-rides at our Fremantle Store! $2990

The Norco Scene and Other Stepthroughs

An upgraded version of the Norco Scene with hydraulic brakes and an electric conversion kit.

An upgraded version of the Norco Scene with hydraulic brakes and an electric conversion kit.

Why Buy a Stepthrough?

Stepthroughs are one of the most popular style of bike we sell here at Perth Electric Bicycles and they offer a number of advantages over the more conventional diamond framed bikes. They typically offer a more comfortable, upright riding position that affords good all round vision and are also significantly easier to get on and off for those with knee and hip injuries. These features combine to make an incredibly practical and easy to ride bike, ideal for running errands and enjoying a more relaxed rides with family and friends. Additionally, they’re ideal for people new to cycling or for those who are lacking confidence on the bike. They’re also a great choice for electric conversion to make them the ultimate town bike!

Going Electric

A great example of our standard electric conversion kit for a stepthrough.

A great example of our standard electric conversion kit for a stepthrough.

Stepthrough bikes are often ideal for electric conversion, but there are a couple of things to consider, most importantly: where to fit the battery. Oftentimes, a rear-rack style battery is the best option for this, given that they don’t encroach on the stepthrough clearance whilst also providing useful storage capacity. This can, on occasion make the bike a bit tail-heavy, however, this can be offset to some extent by opting for a front wheel motor kit.

There are, however, a number of newer stepthrough designs that have sufficient clearance to mount a central battery which greatly benefits handling balance by keeping the additional weight central and as low down as possible. Bikes such as the Specialized Roll, the Avanti Metro and others will allow for this. For the best bike in this category, however, look no further than the Norco Scene.


The Norco Scene

One of the best stepthrough bikes for electric conversion

One of the best stepthrough bikes for electric conversion

The Norco Scene has been around for about a year now and in that time has become a shop favourite for how it takes an electric conversion and, more importantly, how well it rides! With its lightweight, single bar alloy frame and an excellent riding position it’s a great all rounder for everyday use. Other features such as disc brakes and generously sized city tyres allow for dependable, not to mention comfortable performance.

We’ve fitted it with our centrally mounted PANASONIC Tigershark battery that has minimal intrusion into the frame clearance and a 250 Watt rear-drive motor. That said, this bike has enough versatility to accommodate a wide variety of different electric conversion kits that we offer.

Arrange a Test Ride

Coming into the busy period of the year, we’re fully stocked on these fantastic bikes and electric conversion kits to match, so there’s never been a better time to come down for a free test ride. And for any further information on these bikes and other electric stepthroughs don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy riding!

Electric Merida Speeder 20


With summer fast approaching, we’ve been getting some exciting new models on our shop floor ready to test ride. This one is perhaps the pick of our recent builds, the MERIDA Speeder 20 flat bar road bike.

It’s a versatile bike for both commuting and fitness featuring dependable SHIMANO hydraulic disc brakes, a 24 speed drivetrain and a lightweight alloy frame. We’ve fitted it out with our 250 Watt  rear-drive electric conversion kit with a 5 stage pedal assist system to make this the ultimate daily commuter as well as a great bike to get out and about on this summer.


Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, Extra Large

Electric Kit Options:

200 Watt, 250 Watt, 350 Watt, 500 Watt, 1000 Watt*

Battery Options:

36 Volt: 9Ah, 11.6Ah, 14 Ah, 21Ah

48 Volt: 10.5Ah, 17.5Ah


$2040 As Pictured, Prices Start from $1900



Electric SOLARBIKE Dreadnought 1000w FAT Bike! – September 2018

Dreadnought 1000w


Electric SOLARBIKE Dreadnought 1000w FAT Bike!

Our newest factory electric Fat bike features a 1000W BAFANG Ultra mid drive motor with a 48V 17 Ah battery to give a huge amount of torque and speed.

The Dreadnought was built and designed from the beginning with electric in mind, No conversion onto a existing bike but a fully engineered built in electric motor and battery means a sleek and stylish design with a lot of presence! The Dreadnought has the best of both worlds with a throttle and pedal assist all paired to the Ultra 1000w Mid Motor for all the power you could need. Its big and a lot of fun, especially fun on the beach or off road where the large tyres find grip and comfort on any terrain.

Motor: 48V 1000 Watt BAFANG Ultra mid-drive motor

Battery: 48V 17Ah lithium ion battery

Control: Torque sensing pedal assist and throttle

Brakes: TEKTRO hydraulic discs

Gears: 9 Speed SHIMANO Alivio

Lights: Battery integrated front and rear lights


Pop into our shop in Fremantle for a closer look of this big electric BEAST!




SOLARBIKE Road Runner special – Over $1000 Off – July 2018

Road Runner

Electric Bicycles: SOLARBIKE Road Runner special – Over $1000 Off

The SOLARBIKE Road Runner, the unbeatable commuter bicycle is now on a one time only discount special of $2900- down from $3990!

The Road Runner is an electric bicycle with commuting in mind, equipped with a BAFANG torque sensing mid drive motor for smooth performance paired with a long range Panasonic 48V lithium ion battery to create a high end commuting machine.

It features integrated lights, mud guards, hydraulic disc brakes, SHIMANO Alivia 9 speed gears, SUNTOUR suspension forks, leather saddle and grips and among other things, aso features thorn proof SCHWALBE Marathon Plus tyres to prevent any flats on your commute.

This bike is designed for the long commute in mind, with a very comfortable upright riding position, long range ability and outstanding performance.

All sizes available and ready to test ride today so don’t miss out on this offer with over $1000 off! Only $2900!


Motor: 48V 250-350 Watt BAFANG mid-drive motor

Battery: 48V 14.5Ah PANASONIC lithium ion battery

Control: Torque sensing pedal assist

Expected Range: Depend on level of motor assist: 70km – 110 km

Brakes: TEKTRO ARIES Discs

Gears: 9 Speed SHIMANO Alivio

Frame Sizes: Small/medium – Large

Fork: Suspension SUNTOUR XCM

Lights: Battery integrated front and rear lights

Included Features: Front and rear mudguards, rear carrier rack, leather saddle and grips


Pop into the shop to try yours!


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