Lemond Alpe d’Huez Singlespeed with Electric Conversion

It’s the time of year for late nights spent watching le Tour with Liggett and Sherwen reminding us how warm it is in the Northern Hemisphere. Indeed, in the midst of a Perth winter it can be a little hard to maintain the motivation to get out there on the bike. That’s where this recent conversion of ours comes in.

The bike in question is a Lemond Alpe d’Huez; few names are as heavily steeped in the folklore of the Tour de France. Greg Lemond was a cycling legend, inspiring generations of elite American road cyclists and as for Alpe d’Huez, well, ask anyone who follows cycling and they’ll tell you just how many of the most captivating stages have traversed this grueling climb. Suffice it to say that this bike was a purpose built, lightweight road bike set up in singlespeed for simple, no nonsense performance and handling.

Its owner, Dennis, loved it, but wanted to take it on longer rides without worrying about getting caught out by the odd steep climb or brutal headwind that Perth bike commuters are all too familiar with. We fitted it with an electric conversion kit that was in keeping with the simplicity and performance of this bike.


Lemond Alp D'Huez

One of the lightest Electric Bikes we’ve set up, the Alpe D’Huez is sure to make hill climbing a breeze!

Using one of our 700c Rear hub motor kits and a Panasonic 36V 9Ah tube battery we were able to convert this bike into a truly capable recreational road bike. Weighing in at under 16 kilos, it’s one of the lightest builds we’ve ever done which ensures good acceleration from the 250 Watt motor as well as a range of over 35 kilometres on a charge with light to moderate pedal input.

As regular cyclists will tell you, staying on the bike during the winter can be a drag but it’s truly rewarding if you stick it out. So if you’re looking for something that’ll motivate you to keep riding even when the weather gets inclement, an electric conversion kit for your bike may be well worth considering!

Electric Women’s Giant Cross City

It’s been pretty busy at the shop over the last couple of weeks and in that time, we’ve churned out some great new electric conversions on some models that we had not yet had the pleasure of working on. That said, there have been plenty of bread and butter conversions too like this shop favourite: The Giant Cross City.

We’ve been fitting our electric conversion kits to these bikes from the very beginning and it’s easy to see why: these are well priced, well specc’d and are fully compatible with our systems. Not only this, but they’re a blast to ride! This one is the women’s specific RX version which runs a high end Shimano 30 speed groupset, Giant’s lightweight wheelset and finishing kit and a SL Aluminium frame mated with a composite fork.

Women's Giant Cross city

A great flatbar road bike with our long range electric conversion kit

We’ve fitted it with one of our newest systems: the Tigershark 36V 14Ah Lithium Ion Battery. This is a slimline, lightweight system featuring the latest Panasonic cells and should give a range of around 55kms with light to moderate pedaling input. As for the motor, the composite fork means we’ve opted for a rear wheel drive 200 Watt mini motor which should give good power assistance up to speeds of 30 km/h.

The entire Cross City family of bikes are ideal for electric conversion and this top spec one makes for a very light final product, weighing in at around 18 kilos all up. With quality components and construction it’s sure to be a reliable commuter that’s comfortable and efficient enough to cover long distances week in, week out.



Please come in and take a free test ride on one of the cool little YUN electric bicycles. They’re 50% off until stock lasts! Usually $1450, they’re now selling briefly for just $725. These ebikes have a single speed rear hub motor, 3 levels of pedal assist and a bunch of colour options. They’re fun little electric bikes that are great for getting around the neighborhood!

Folding E-Bike

Over the last few months we’ve been working to find the best e-bike setup for a folding bicycle and we may have found it! Folding bikes are an excellent choice for those who need to use public transport as a leg of their commute or who have limited space in which to store a bike either in the home or at work.

XDS City Pro

The Bike

The bike in question is an XDS City Pro. It’s a well equipped and well priced folding bike that’s absolutely ideal for shorter commute distances. When in action, its generously sized wheelbase is comfortable enough for a larger framed rider yet it is still able to fold down to a manageable size for stowage on peak hour public transit services. Furthermore, the smaller 20″ wheels make this bike extremely agile around town which is likely where this bike will see most of its action.

The City Pro’s componentry is of excellent spec for this price point with a  SRAM X4 8 Speed rear dearilleur and a pair of Tektro V Brakes for reliable stopping. Pair that with a lightweight alloy frame and XDS’s comfortable finishing kit and you’ve got a seriously capable bike at an excellent price point of $550.

The Electric Conversion

To make this already great bike an even more versatile e-bike, we’ve fitted it with a Solarbike 20″ rear-drive swift kit. It features a street-legal 250 Watt rear hub motor and a Panasonic 36v 9Ah ‘Frog’ Battery specifically designed for use on folding bikes.  The rear-drive configuration affords the high torque motor extra traction which is sure to make the steering performance more predictable. Furthermore, the seatpost mounted battery retains the functionality of the City Pro’s folding mechanism.


The e-bike conversion kit from Solarbike provides the XDS City Pro with great all round performance. The 250 Watt motor should give a top speed of between 25 and 30 km/h with the smaller 20″ wheels allowing for great acceleration and hill-climbing ability. Meanwhile, the 9Ah battery should give ranges of up to 35 km/h with light to moderate pedaling making this e-bike ideal for inner city commuting. Perhaps most importantly, with its snappy handling and great acceleration, the electric City Pro is great fun to ride!

Pricing and Availability

Currently we’ve got one electric XDS City Pro setup and ready for a test ride in our store down in Fremantle. Alternatively, the bikes can be ordered in and setup within 7 working days.

The Electric City Pro is competitively priced at $1750.
Finally, if you’ve got an existing folding bike that you wish to have converted, Solarbike conversions start at $1150 Installed.

Fatbike meets E-Bike

When you’ve converted as many bikes as we have, you grow accustomed to seeing a multitude of hybrid, flatbar road, comfort and mountain bikes coming in for electric fitouts. As a result, it’s always a real treat to work on something completely different. By this standard, we really got lucky when Luke brought his Specialized Fatboy in to us a few weeks ago.

The Bike

Fatbikes have become popular in Australia over the last few years. They’re now used for everything from recreational cruising, to high performance off-road use on surfaces that conventional mountain bikes just can’t handle. That said, a great many fat bikes have been chosen simply because they’re so radically different to conventional models. It was this appeal that made the Specialized a bike that Luke wanted to ride everyday.

The Specialized Fatboy is one of the better entry level fatbikes available today, with a lightweight alloy frame furnished with a dependable wheelset and rugged componentry that makes it more than suitable for the rigors of off-road use. It also sports a very comfortable riding position that affords good all round vision and predictable handling. These features gave it great potential as a high powered e-bike.

Quite possibly the ultimate E-bike!

Quite possibly the ultimate E-bike!

The Conversion

The main challenge with converting any fatbike is finding a suitable hub motor and wheel combination. Up until recently, a custom wheel build was required. However, fortunately we’re now able to offer a Solarbike 1000 Watt rear wheel kit made specifically for use on fatbikes which greatly simplifies the process.

Battery placement was the next consideration. The 48V Tiger Shark style battery can be mounted centrally within the main triangle of the frame to allow for optimum weight distribution, however Luke preferred to have a rack style battery fitted given that he planned on using the rear carrier to mount pannier bags. This choice also allowed a larger capacity 48V 17Ah Panasonic Lithium Ion battery to be fitted to give this high-powered machine a range of around 35 kms on a charge with a cruising speed of between 40 and 45km/h. Pretty blistering performance we think you’ll agree!

The Verdict

We’ve electrically converted a handful of fatbikes in our store over the past couple of years but few have been quite as exciting as this one! It goes to show that there are a great many possibilities when you choose to custom build an electric bike. So if you’ve got a specialist e-bike build in mind why not drop in and see us at our Fremantle store to discuss our great range of conversion options.

Lekker Amsterdam

This is probably the most underrated bike on the shop floor at the moment- But the clean, discreet styling is all part of the appeal!
The Lekker Amsterdam is a steel framed urban bike more than rugged enough for the rigours of daily commuting. Its elegant frame is equipped with simple and reliable componentry making it both practical and refreshingly straightforward to ride.

Lekker Amsterdam

Lekker Amsterdam

The Ride

As any bike enthusiast will tell you, “nothing rides quite like a steel frame” and this is certainly true of the Amsterdam. Steel is well regarded for its vibration damping and eminent durability making it ideally suited for an urban bike. The Amsterdam felt smooth and fast with a slightly more relaxed riding position than is common on these bicycles. This affords a more upright position on the bike whilst also slackening the steering somewhat- both characteristics are likely to accommodate the more occasional cyclist who may not be comfortable with the more aggressive geometries out there.

The component selection is oriented towards simplicity, making the bike easy to ride and maintain. Riders familiar with older styles of bike are sure to enjoy the inclusion of a kick-back rear brake in addition to the dual pivot caliper at the front. Furthermore, the addition of a SRAM Automatix rear hub allows two gear options that automatically adapt to your level of pedaling effort. It’s a novel system that is sure to catch on in the world of urban bikes and makes the Amsterdam more versatile than you might think. As a bike to suit Perth’s terrain and riding conditions, it’s hard to go past the Amsterdam.
Conversion Options

We’ve seen a wide range of Lekker bikes since first getting them in at the start of the year and can confirm that their quality construction is sure to make them well suited to electric conversion. The Sportief and Jordaan range make fantastic comfort e-bikes and the Amsterdam is sure to make a very capable commuter.

Its traditional frame design can accommodate any Solarbike tube or Black Diamond battery. This allows the additional weight to be kept low and central preserving the Lekker’s excellent handling performance. As for motor options, the Amsterdam is compatible with any front wheel hub motor kit or even a BAFANG middrive system to really make use of the 2 speed automatic hub. There are power options to suit any performance requirements but our recommendation would be to keep things clean and simple with the street legal 250 Watt mini motor which is sure to provide great range.

Prices for the Lekker Amsterdam start at $650 for the bike or $1800 for one sporting a Solarbike conversion kit.
Call in at our Fremantle store to test ride one. You’ll be glad you did!

Recent E-bike Builds

Here are a couple of custom e-bike builds we’ve recently put together in our Fremantle store.  Both came to us as bikes that weren’t getting enough use. However, thanks to electrical conversion, they’re now sure to get a new lease on life.

Electra 8 Ball with BAFANG Mid-Drive
Don’t let the retro styling fool you, the Electra 8 Ball has truly modern performance and quality. This cruiser sports an incredibly comfortable riding position particularly good for people who want something upright. We fitted it with a BAFANG 48V mid-drive system that transforms this reasonably sedate cruiser into an absolute blast to ride. Truly one hell of an e-bike!

An immensely comfortable leisure cruiser with performance to match its styling.

An immensely comfortable leisure cruiser with performance to match its styling.

Apollo Cross Roads with Solarbike Swift Kit
This Apollo Cross-roads also came to us as a well kept but underused bike and it’s potential as an e-bike was immediately apparent. It’s quality steel frame means this bike is more than rugged enough to handle the rigors of daily commuting as well as the additional power of a conversion kit. Furthermore, its efficient riding position and dependable running components means that this bike is sure to be a dependable rig. We fitted it with our 250 Watt Mini motor kit and 36v 9Ah tube battery to provide electric assistance without too much intrusion on the riding experience. Many bike enthusiasts maintain that ‘steel is real’ and we couldn’t agree more!

A practical Steel framed tourer/commuter ideal for everyday use

A practical Steel framed tourer/commuter ideal for everyday use.


Avanti Montari 4 Mid-Drive

Though the vast majority of electric bike conversion kits take the form of hub motors, alternative systems such as mid-drive systems have carved out a solid niche in the market. While they lack the simplicity of hub drive systems, they may well fit the bill should you have specific needs. Their compatibility with existing drive trains makes their power delivery extremely flexible being able to make use of high torque gears in the hills whilst also being able to use bigger gears for efficient cruising.

Of all the major mid-drive conversions available, the BAFANG BBS systems caught our eye as the best option for performance and integration, in particular, the 48Volt BBS02 which we fitted to an Avanti Montari 4 Hard Tail mountain bike.


Avanti Montari 4 Mid-Drive

A top notch Hard Tail Mountain Bike equipped with BAFANG’s phenomenal BBS02 Mid Drive motor

The end result is a spectacularly fast, robust not to mention purposeful-looking electric bike with 750 Watts of power for going and reliable Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes for stopping. Short of the 2000+ Watt monsters that some manufacturers are supplying in Australia this is one of the best performing electric bicycles that this mechanic has ever ridden.

It’s also worth mentioning that BAFANG make these mid drive systems for all applications, offering more modest power outputs of 250, 350 and 500 Watts that should suit everyday commuting and recreational use extremely well. What’s more, the nature of the mounting system means that the bike’s existing wheelset can be retained.

If you’ve been thinking about an electric bike conversion but perhaps want to try something a little different, a mid-drive system is well worth considering. This AVANTI Montari is currently in our Fremantle store and available for a test ride. It’s also available to buy with a demonstrator discount for just $2400 down from $3150.

Also, if you’re thinking of converting your bike using a BAFANG system, we now have them available starting from $1500.


New Electric Bike Conversions


Although we’re known for our great range of purpose built electric bikes from great brands such as GEPIDA, MERIDA and BH EASYMOTION, our real passion here at Perth Electric Bicycles is providing one of Australia’s best ranges of Electric Bike conversion kits. Over the years we’ve converted a huge variety of bikes to suit all types of riding. We’ve also got a great range of conversion-ready bikes from brands such as AVANTI, LEKKER and ORBEA.

Here are a few of our latest conversions:



Avanti Montari 4 with BAFANG BBS02 Mid Drive Kit


Lekker Sportief with 350 Watt Front Wheel Kit


Papillionaire Cafe Racer with 350 Watt front wheel kit


Avanti Inc 2 with front wheel QT kit


Electric Schwinn Cruiser


Merida Big Seven with 650B rear wheel motor


Lekker Jordaan with Front Wheel Conversion Kit

MERIDAS new range of electric bikes are now available!

MERIDA are a great bike manufacturer and they are now bringing into Australia a select range of electric bikes. We are proud to be the first shop in Western Australia to stock and support their ebike range. They have opted to use the SHIMANO crank drive system called STEPS and currently are bringing in three models. A women’s commuter, a men’s commuter and a mountain bike.  Their top level model of the commuter range comes with the Alfine internal hub and electronic gear shifting.  Please come into the shop to take one for a test ride. Click here to see the range of ebikes we have in our store and Click here to see more information on these models from the MERIDA website.

Big Seven Elite 300