Lekker Amsterdam

This is probably the most underrated bike on the shop floor at the moment- But the clean, discreet styling is all part of the appeal!
The Lekker Amsterdam is a steel framed urban bike more than rugged enough for the rigours of daily commuting. Its elegant frame is equipped with simple and reliable componentry making it both practical and refreshingly straightforward to ride.

Lekker Amsterdam

Lekker Amsterdam

The Ride

As any bike enthusiast will tell you, “nothing rides quite like a steel frame” and this is certainly true of the Amsterdam. Steel is well regarded for its vibration damping and eminent durability making it ideally suited for an urban bike. The Amsterdam felt smooth and fast with a slightly more relaxed riding position than is common on these bicycles. This affords a more upright position on the bike whilst also slackening the steering somewhat- both characteristics are likely to accommodate the more occasional cyclist who may not be comfortable with the more aggressive geometries out there.

The component selection is oriented towards simplicity, making the bike easy to ride and maintain. Riders familiar with older styles of bike are sure to enjoy the inclusion of a kick-back rear brake in addition to the dual pivot caliper at the front. Furthermore, the addition of a SRAM Automatix rear hub allows two gear options that automatically adapt to your level of pedaling effort. It’s a novel system that is sure to catch on in the world of urban bikes and makes the Amsterdam more versatile than you might think. As a bike to suit Perth’s terrain and riding conditions, it’s hard to go past the Amsterdam.
Conversion Options

We’ve seen a wide range of Lekker bikes since first getting them in at the start of the year and can confirm that their quality construction is sure to make them well suited to electric conversion. The Sportief and Jordaan range make fantastic comfort e-bikes and the Amsterdam is sure to make a very capable commuter.

Its traditional frame design can accommodate any Solarbike tube or Black Diamond battery. This allows the additional weight to be kept low and central preserving the Lekker’s excellent handling performance. As for motor options, the Amsterdam is compatible with any front wheel hub motor kit or even a BAFANG middrive system to really make use of the 2 speed automatic hub. There are power options to suit any performance requirements but our recommendation would be to keep things clean and simple with the street legal 250 Watt mini motor which is sure to provide great range.

Prices for the Lekker Amsterdam start at $650 for the bike or $1800 for one sporting a Solarbike conversion kit.
Call in at our Fremantle store to test ride one. You’ll be glad you did!

Recent E-bike Builds

Here are a couple of custom e-bike builds we’ve recently put together in our Fremantle store.  Both came to us as bikes that weren’t getting enough use. However, thanks to electrical conversion, they’re now sure to get a new lease on life.

Electra 8 Ball with BAFANG Mid-Drive
Don’t let the retro styling fool you, the Electra 8 Ball has truly modern performance and quality. This cruiser sports an incredibly comfortable riding position particularly good for people who want something upright. We fitted it with a BAFANG 48V mid-drive system that transforms this reasonably sedate cruiser into an absolute blast to ride. Truly one hell of an e-bike!

An immensely comfortable leisure cruiser with performance to match its styling.

An immensely comfortable leisure cruiser with performance to match its styling.

Apollo Cross Roads with Solarbike Swift Kit
This Apollo Cross-roads also came to us as a well kept but underused bike and it’s potential as an e-bike was immediately apparent. It’s quality steel frame means this bike is more than rugged enough to handle the rigors of daily commuting as well as the additional power of a conversion kit. Furthermore, its efficient riding position and dependable running components means that this bike is sure to be a dependable rig. We fitted it with our 250 Watt Mini motor kit and 36v 9Ah tube battery to provide electric assistance without too much intrusion on the riding experience. Many bike enthusiasts maintain that ‘steel is real’ and we couldn’t agree more!

A practical Steel framed tourer/commuter ideal for everyday use

A practical Steel framed tourer/commuter ideal for everyday use.


Avanti Montari 4 Mid-Drive

Though the vast majority of electric bike conversion kits take the form of hub motors, alternative systems such as mid-drive systems have carved out a solid niche in the market. While they lack the simplicity of hub drive systems, they may well fit the bill should you have specific needs. Their compatibility with existing drive trains makes their power delivery extremely flexible being able to make use of high torque gears in the hills whilst also being able to use bigger gears for efficient cruising.

Of all the major mid-drive conversions available, the BAFANG BBS systems caught our eye as the best option for performance and integration, in particular, the 48Volt BBS02 which we fitted to an Avanti Montari 4 Hard Tail mountain bike.


Avanti Montari 4 Mid-Drive

A top notch Hard Tail Mountain Bike equipped with BAFANG’s phenomenal BBS02 Mid Drive motor

The end result is a spectacularly fast, robust not to mention purposeful-looking electric bike with 750 Watts of power for going and reliable Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes for stopping. Short of the 2000+ Watt monsters that some manufacturers are supplying in Australia this is one of the best performing electric bicycles that this mechanic has ever ridden.

It’s also worth mentioning that BAFANG make these mid drive systems for all applications, offering more modest power outputs of 250, 350 and 500 Watts that should suit everyday commuting and recreational use extremely well. What’s more, the nature of the mounting system means that the bike’s existing wheelset can be retained.

If you’ve been thinking about an electric bike conversion but perhaps want to try something a little different, a mid-drive system is well worth considering. This AVANTI Montari is currently in our Fremantle store and available for a test ride. It’s also available to buy with a demonstrator discount for just $2400 down from $3150.

Also, if you’re thinking of converting your bike using a BAFANG system, we now have them available starting from $1500.


New Electric Bike Conversions


Although we’re known for our great range of purpose built electric bikes from great brands such as GEPIDA, MERIDA and BH EASYMOTION, our real passion here at Perth Electric Bicycles is providing one of Australia’s best ranges of Electric Bike conversion kits. Over the years we’ve converted a huge variety of bikes to suit all types of riding. We’ve also got a great range of conversion-ready bikes from brands such as AVANTI, LEKKER and ORBEA.

Here are a few of our latest conversions:



Avanti Montari 4 with BAFANG BBS02 Mid Drive Kit


Lekker Sportief with 350 Watt Front Wheel Kit


Papillionaire Cafe Racer with 350 Watt front wheel kit


Avanti Inc 2 with front wheel QT kit


Electric Schwinn Cruiser


Merida Big Seven with 650B rear wheel motor


Lekker Jordaan with Front Wheel Conversion Kit

MERIDAS new range of electric bikes are now available!

MERIDA are a great bike manufacturer and they are now bringing into Australia a select range of electric bikes. We are proud to be the first shop in Western Australia to stock and support their ebike range. They have opted to use the SHIMANO crank drive system called STEPS and currently are bringing in three models. A women’s commuter, a men’s commuter and a mountain bike.  Their top level model of the commuter range comes with the Alfine internal hub and electronic gear shifting.  Please come into the shop to take one for a test ride. Click here to see the range of ebikes we have in our store and Click here to see more information on these models from the MERIDA website.

Big Seven Elite 300

Earth Prime Ui5 Electric Stepthrough

The Ultimate Electric Stepthrough

The Ultimate Electric Stepthrough


Earth Bikes make an exciting range of specially designed electric bikes tailored to suit Australian conditions and we’re happy to offer their two latest models- The Earth Prime Ui5 (pictured) as well as the Earth Prime Mi5 mountain bike.

The Ui5 is one of the best looking stepthrough electric bikes we’ve come across in recent months as a result of it’s sleek frame design with integrated battery and it’s thoroughly modern component choices. This is matched by excellent performance thanks to it’s comfortable riding position and intuitive pedal assistance system.  A BAFANG 250 Watt rear motor provides a cruising speed of approaching 35 km/h with light pedaling whilst it’s SAMSUNG 13Ah integrated battery should give a respectable range of around 50 kilometres- though some riders have gotten as far as 100 kilometres n a single charge!

The Ui5 comes fully equipped with a rear rack, fenders and a light system and features carefully selected Schwalbe tyres to provide grip in all conditions whilst maintaining low rolling resistance for better range.
At $2499 the Ui5 is a premium electric bike with performance comparable to models that carry a significantly higher price tag. Come in and see us at our new Fremantle store and see how much this bike can enhance your cycling experience!

Stepthrough E-bike

The website has been quiet in recent weeks, but nevertheless, we’ve been keeping busy with some exciting custom e-bike builds like this one we set up for Helen just last week.

A comfortable and versatile  city bike ideal for inner city living.

A comfortable and versatile city bike ideal for inner city living.


The bike started out as a standard, steel framed XDS Stepthrough. We’ve long known that XDS make great quality value-oriented bikes suited to urban living and this one is a prime example.
The rugged frame in a stepthrough design makes this bike adept at handling all urban conditions day in, day out. Furthermore, its relaxed geometry and low standover height make it both comfortable to ride and easy to get on and off. It’s front and rear basket mounts also make this bike an ideal beach cruiser or shopping bike.

We’ve outfitted it with our 200 Watt front mini motor and 16 Amp rear rack mounted battery to give this bike a long range versatility.
At  Perth Electric Bicycles, we know that bikes come in all shapes and sizes to suit different needs and tastes, and we’re glad to provide electric solutions that are widely compatible.


Electric Conversion: Moulton

The Moulton Bicycle is a highly distinctive piece of British design and engineering dating from the late 1950s that is perhaps, not very well known in Australia. Nevertheless, the bicycle has amassed quite an appreciable international cult following over the decades with many finding their well conceived if unconventional design highly appealing for all round use. I had been familiar with them for a couple of years but had never physically seen one. That all changed when a Moulton enthusiast named Robin brought his in, asking whether this bike could run an electric conversion. Opportunities to work on bikes like this are few and far between, so, notwithstanding some initial challenges, I began work on it immediately. The bike in question is a Moulton ATB, built under licence in Japan in 1992. It was in immaculate condition for a bike more than 20 years old.

Moulton ATB Mid Drive
There are a number of characteristics of this bicycle that make an electrical conversion quite favourable, most notably, the Reynolds steel space frame with polymer bush suspension giving around 20mm of compliance on both the fork and rear stays. This frame was plenty strong enough to accommodate the additional weight of the conversion kit whilst also having the appropriate bottom bracket clearance for the mid-drive motor. It had initially been considered for a more standard front hub conversion, but the dropout clearance would not effectively accommodate the oversized axle. Furthermore, the use of a BAFANG 8FUN mid-drive system allowed the functionality of the Sturmey Archer Sprinter 7 hub to be retained, preserving the versatility of the bike. Not only did the mid-drive system allow for the use of the bike’s original drivetrain, it also allowed the added weight to be kept very central on the bike- something particularly important for balanced handling given that the Moulton’s 20″ wheels can be twitchier compared to the 26″ or 700C wheels more commonly fitted to conversion bikes. On a more personal level, Robin was hoping to cover greater ranges on recreational rides, wanting the mid drive system to operate in a pedal assistance capacity. The BAFANG system can be run at lower output levels to serve this purpose, making it an extremely flexible conversion option.

Moulton ATB Drivetrain
The system fitted was a BAFANG 8FUN mid drive conversion kit, which is compatible with all of Solarbike’s 36 Volt Batteries. It has a maximum output of close to 500 Watts and, depending on the gearing, can easily achieve cruising speeds of 35 km/h. Additionally, with it’s sophisticated electronics, it can run up to 9 levels of pedal assistance ranging from 10% motor output to 100% with a manual throttle included to provide an overdrive when quick acceleration or extra torque for hill climbing is required. With the PANASONIC 11.6 Ah bottle type battery fitted, the Moulton could feasibly achieve ranges of 50 kilometres, perhaps more depending on what level of motor assistance is used. Additionally, the on board display provides ride information such as trip distance, level of assistance, current, maximum and average speeds whilst also having a battery charge indicator. This is certainly a feature rich conversion kit with impressive performance and economy to match.

Moulton ATB Cockpit
What made this electric conversion so rewarding was how it repurposed and resurrected a bicycle that was not seeing enough use prior. In addition, the careful selection of replacement parts and a “when it’s ready” attitude towards attention to detail made this bike a labour of love. This bike was converted and reconditioned over a period of 2 weeks with Robin himself selecting new Scwhalbe Marathon tyres (the last word in puncture protection and longevity) and a new set of Shimano SPD touring pedals. The final product was a unique and thoroughly updated version of a classic piece of bicycle design. Happy riding, Robin!

At Perth Electric Bicycles, we’re glad to say that our electric conversion kits are compatible with a wide range of bikes from mountain bike to flatbar commuter. But if you’re after a conversion for something a little different, as Robin was, don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss options. With the right parts and the mechanical know-how you’d be surprised at how personalised a setup we can offer.

Off-road Electric For People With Physical Disabilities

Electric Horizon Trike

For many people without the use of their legs cycling is simply not possible, let alone the joys of riding an off-road trail. The folks over at OUTRIDER have devolved a full suspension electric recumbent trike allowing people with a disability to go where before they simply could not. The price tag is a little steep but many recumbent trikes could be converted to this style.

The best thing from this story is that it shows that electric bikes can actually change people’s lives and give them the mobility and autonomy that they otherwise might not have.

GEPIDA Ruga Arrival


After a few weeks waiting the first GEPIDA has arrived.  We’ve chosen the RUGA, it’s a 29er that uses the latest and greatest of the BOSCH line of electric bicycle crank driven systems. BOSCH produce “Classic”, “Active” and “Performance” lines. The “Performance” line is their top line and this is what is installed on the RUGA.  The battery is also by BOSCH and is 36V 11Ah in capacity (400wH). We were mighty impressed with the first test ride.  It’s very silent, perhaps even a touch quieter than a hub driven system, and the power comes on beautifully whilst pedalling.  You can choose between 5 levels of pedal assist and the motor activates in response to the pressure put upon the pedals.  This is a more advanced system than a typical pedal assist system, where they are cadence sensors rather than torque sensors. There is no throttle.

Everything about this bicycle is top quality, ROCKSHOX forks, SHIMANO SLX gears, MAGURA hydraulic discs etc.  There is nothing that has been compromised – though a nicer set of pedals may have worked well.  The display is extremely tidy, it comes with an LCD screen that measures any parameter you may be interested in and there is an additional simple button conveniently located next to the left thumb that allows you to press + or -, these will increase or decrease the motor power in response to pedal power. This also inversely affects your range of course.  The motor only assists up to about 25-30km/h but you can pedal over this to any speed you like. Apparently there is a little dongle thingo that you can purchase for $200 that will allow you to fully open up the power of the motor. Allowing the motor to power up to 50km/h!  For off road use only of course.

All up it’s a great electric bike and one of the finest on the market.  It is expensive though, recommended retail is $4400. You get what you pay for though and if you are looking for a silent crank driven electric bicycle then this one will be hard to go past.  Some of the HAI bikes are also worth a look at though if you have no budget.  It’s certainly more advanced that a hub motor system. Recommendations for road use would be changing to slick tyres, otherwise it’s ready to roll.

Gepida RUGA Bosch performance line