Electric Papillionaire Stepthrough

Stepthrough bikes have had somewhat of a resurgence lately, with an increasing amount of cyclists wanting a comfortable upright riding position and safe, predictable handling. Not only this, but the low stepover height makes these bikes easy to get on and off- ideal for those with mobility difficulties as well as those simply not accustomed to cycling. More obviously though, the timeless elegance of this design is incredibly appealing!


Electric Papillionaire Stepthrough

Electric Papillionaire Stepthrough


The Papillionaire is a great example of a modern stepthrough, with a classically styled steel frame equipped with throughly modern running components. We set this one up earlier today with our 250Watt mini motor and a Panasonic 36v 11.6Ah battery.

What makes this conversion a little different is the mounting of the tube battery vertically; typically stepthrough frames require the use of a rear-rack mounted battery. The customer wanted to keep the added weight as central and as low down as possible. Happily, the battery is low-profile enough to not get in the way whilst pedalling. Furthermore, there’s minimal encroachment on the stepover height. By providing custom electric bike conversions, we’re able to better accommodate individuals’ needs. Bikes are, after all, a personal thing!

We’re back!

Things have been pretty quiet at Perth Electric Bikes over the festive season, but we’ve been ticking over with some exciting new bikes and custom e-bike options!

We’ve kicked off 2016 in style with a fresh conversion on Paul’s Fuji Absolute 1.4- a flat-bar road commuter.

A capable on-road commuter with the added speed and comfort of electric assistance.

A capable on-road commuter with the added speed and comfort of electric assistance.


Fuji are well known for building refined, comfortable and lightweight road bikes and the Absolute 1.4 is no exception. With it’s SL aluminium frame, carbon fibre fork and robust Vera wheelset, it offers all the convenience and predictable handling of a flatbar without compromising speed or agility.

We’ve fitted it with a rear 250 Watt mini motor and our extended range Panasonic 11.6Ah tube battery that should give a range of 40 kilometres and a cruising speed of 32 km/h thanks to low rolling resistance tyres and a lighweight frameset. Indeed, The complete package weighs in at under 20 kg- very respectable for an e-bike with this level of capability.

We’re hoping to see many more builds like this over the coming months, stay tuned!


Hi everyone and thanks for your support this year.  We will be taking a short break for Christmas from the 24th December but will be back in business and looking forward to creating lots more ebikes.  We’ll re-open on the 3rd of January.santa bike

First Ride: Gepida Asgard


Gepida Asgard

Gepida Asgard $4700

Whilst having been around less than 20 years, Hungarian bike company Gepida have certainly made a name for themselves as a quality bicycle manufacturer catering perfectly to the needs of those who want something a little bit different. In keeping with this, Gepida were one of the first major manufacturers to build bikes for use with Bosch’s excellent pedal assist systems carrying a range of models that have enhanced the cycling experience of thousands worldwide. Gepida have typically designed their bicycles to with commuters in mind, however, it’s their off road designs in particular that have caught our eye, most recently, the Asgard 1000.

The Bike

The Asgard is a lightweight Alloy Cross Country frame equipped with Bosch’s integrated Performanceline Pedal Assist system and long range 400 Watt hour powerpack to provide pedal assistance up to 30 km/h out to a range of nearly 90 km  when run at a low setting(According to Bosch).  It features a Shimano Deore XT 10 speed drivetrain, Deore Hydraulic disc brakes, A pair of robust 27.5″ wheels specially designed by Gepida and an excellent set of Schwalbe cross country tyres.

The Ride

The Asgard instantly feels like a high end bike. The frame is well balanced, the riding position efficient and the steering feel responsive. The contact points, namely the hand grips and the saddle have a comfortable and familiar feel to them, which is not something I’ve come across in too many mountain bikes. Furthermore, even when unassisted, it doesn’t feel ungainly in spite of the added weight from the bosch system. This is particularly important on an e-bike for two reasons: 1) it’s an inevitability that at some point, you’ll have to ride your electric bike without the motor assistance and; 2)  if the additional weight is unbalanced or poorly distributed, the higher speed handling could be less than desirable.  Indeed, the unassisted speed and handling are the real test of a high end e-bike and I’m pleased to report that the Asgard passes comfortably.

This bike really comes to life when the Bosch Performanceline system is turned on! For those who are new to Bosch’s pedal assist systems, the power delivery is unlike anything else on the market. It provides power assistance at the pedal stroke, meaning your own effort and input is amplified. this allows you to accelerate rapidly even up steep sections with great confidence. Furthermore, when cruising, the motor response is more subdued, easily holding you at around 30 km/h. The most important characteristic of this system is it’s minimal intrusion in the riding experience both in terms of handling and assistance. That is to say that it gives you confidence to ride faster or further without making you complacent- truly complementary to the cycling experience.

Drivetrain wise, the Asgard performs as you would expect a bike of this caliber to- the XT drivetrain is faultless as always giving solid power transfer and reliable shifting in all conditions. The wheelset is oriented towards reliability and durability and, consequently, it doesn’t feel super fast. That being said, it rolls smoothly and is likely to go the distance, which is of great advantage on a cross country. My only real issue with the componentry of this bike was the Deore brakes. These systems are solid and very closely based on their higher end XT and SLX counterparts but they seem to lack the same stopping power. They’re perfectly adequate, though on a $4700 mountain bike, I would have expected a higher end offering.

The Verdict

The Gepida Asgard carries with it an overwhelming sense of confidence that I’ve only experienced on a few other bikes. I feel as though Gepida have gone about this bike in the right way: designing something that works well as a cross country bike in it’s own right whilst also accommodating an excellent pedal assist system. Furthermore, Bosch’s Performanceline system functions brilliantly as a way of complementing the riding experience, whilst it’s minimal intrusion preserves the sensory experience of riding a cross country mountain bike. I would thoroughly recommend test riding this bike if you’re in the market for a high end electric mountain bike.

500W electric Zippy scooter

This is the 500W electric Zippy scooter. Given it’s lightweight frame compared to a normal bicycle this scooter accelerates quickly and you have to hold on tight to deal with its power. The Zippy is great fun to ride and a great way to get around for those wanting something a little different. To counter that power you get front and rear hydraulic disc breaks that stop you in an instant. With its 36V 9Ah Battery you get sufficient range to get you from A to B. Optimal for quick trips in the city or just to have some fun.

Electric Zipy Scooter

Electric Zipy Scooter $1550

Electric Breezer Uptown 7

The Uptown’s aluminum frame is light and will never rust, and the durable 26” wheels, nimble for city streets, can carry heavy loads. With its 200W motor and the long lasting 11Ah battery plus its 8 speeds operated with a simple twist shifter and Joe’s proven geometry, it’s no wonder the Uptown won Bicycling Magazine’s Editors’ Choice award for “Best Commuter Bike” four years in a row

BREZZER Uptown 7

BREEZER Uptown $1900

We Are Moving!

That’s right, we are in the process of moving to a larger store down in Fremantle- one of Perth’s most cycle friendly communities!

We’ll continue to offer the same great e-bike conversion options whilst also providing a bigger range of e-bikes, e-trikes as well as lifestyle and kids’ bikes. Furthermore, our expanded workshop will allow us to handle a wider variety of maintenance and servicing jobs as well as to provide a greater range of parts and accessories to keep you up and running.

The new store is situated near the centre of Freo, on the corner of Cantonment and Point St at the Woolstores Shopping Centre. Our e-mail address ( and phone number (0404 695 106) will remain the same, so feel free to get in touch if you have any queries.

With the return of great cycling weather, there’s no better time of year to get back on the bike. For all your e-bike and cycling needs come and visit our new store opening after the long weekend!

Electric ORBEA Urban 20

With the sunny days returning, we set up a matching ORBEA Urban 20 in bright yellow. The 200W motor in the rear hub gives the conversion a very clean look and we are able to retain the great style of the frame with its matt finish. In combination with the quality 9Ah Panasonic battery, this bike will easily sustain you riding at a speed of around 30km/h with a range of up to 35km.

The perfect commuter to get you to work or for leisurely rides out into the green. As with all of our ORBEA and Solarbike conversion, this bike will not be around for long, so come into the store today for a test ride.
Yellow Orbea Urban 20 with Solarbike conversion


Electric Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have steadily grown in their popularity for recreational riding in recent years, particularly in Western Australia with major projects such as the Munda Biddi trail and others making the state’s natural beauty more accessible to bike riders than ever before. Indeed whenever I get on a mountain bike, there’s an overwhelming feeling of adventure. Furthermore, the trickle down of once high-end technology such as disc brakes, lightweight aluminium frames and compliant suspension systems to more affordable bikes has done much to inspire confidence among new riders. Recreational mountain biking can, nevertheless, be tough going initially, usually entailing distances of 20 to 30 kilometres over hilly terrain. So what if there was a way of giving often entry level recreational riders the confidence to overcome those challenges? That’s where our electric conversions come in.


Mens Fluid Momentum MTB

An affordable all-rounder ideally suited to recreational use on gravel roads and tracks.

Pictured here are two bikes we set up for a couple looking to start riding on weekends in the Perth hills. The bikes are FLUID Momentum Hard tails- a solid platform for recreational cross country use. They feature lightweight aluminium frames rugged enough to withstand off road use paired with a reliable set of double walled 27.5″ wheels- the latest incarnation of mountain bike wheel sizes. The drivetrain is predominantly Shimano with 24 speed wide range gears and a sturdy set of Tektro mechanical disc brakes provides reliable stopping in all conditions on-road or off.  Fit for purpose and well spec’d this is a great value entry level mountain bike.



Womens Fluid Momentun MTB

An affordable all-rounder ideally suited to recreational use on gravel roads and tracks.


On to the electric side of things. We’ve fitted our Rear Wheel mini motor kits to these bikes paired to our 36V 11.6 Amp PANASONIC Tube type batteries to give an extended range of around 40 kilometres depending on conditions and level of rider input. The rear drive setup also makes for increased motor traction which is ideally suited to gravel roads and tracks.

If you’re thinking about trying recreational mountain biking for the first time but perhaps want the added confidence of power assistance, don’t hesitate to see us here at Perth Electric Bicycles. Chances are there’s a setup that’s right for you!

Electric Tricycle

There are a myriad of reasons for making the change to electric assistance. While a great deal of our work is done to assist those looking for a convenient alternative means of commuting, there are many who look to electric conversions as a way of regaining mobility.  For that reason, we are proud to offer a range of conversion options to suit adult tricycles. Adult tricycles are an ideal fit for those who want the benefits in mobility and independence that cycling can afford but who may lack the confidence to ride a conventional 2 wheeler. In addition to ease of balance, tricycles also allow for greater luggage carrying capacity, giving them outstanding utility. So what happens when an already versatile means of transport is fitted out with one our electric conversions?

Gomier Electric Tricycle

The ultimate in utility and convenience- Electric Tricycles


This is a recent build of ours that we put together for Kerry. She was looking for something to use as an alternative to driving with good capacity for groceries and luggage. Furthermore, the riding position had to be comfortable with a good range of gearing. The Gomier 24″ tricycle turned out to be a good fit. It’s all steel stepthrough frame makes it rugged enough to withstand daily use whilst also being comfortable and compliant. the 3 speed Shimano Nexus internal hub makes this tricycle capable of handling reasonable inclines without the increased maintenance incurred by externally geared machines. To top it off, the Gomier features a full set of fenders and the capacity for up to 30 kilograms of luggage stored in the rear basket.

The Super Tube battery is anchored over the rear axle and is readily accessible whilst also unintrusive.

The Super Tube battery is anchored over the rear axle and is readily accessible whilst also unintrusive.


On to the electrics: We’ve fitted our extended range Super Tube Kit running a 36Volt 11.6 Amp PANASONIC tube type battery capable of providing the tricycle a maximum range of between 20 and 30 kilometres between charges. This battery has been paired to our tried and tested mini-motor laced into a double walled 24″ rim producing 200 Watts in this configuration. The rear mounted battery has allowed the bulk of the electrical components to be discreetly incorporated onto the frame and the battery itself has been specially canted to make it’s unlocking and removal for charging easier.

Front View.

Front View.


Electric conversions allow a great deal of personalisation, particularly on our range of electric tricycles. This model is our recommendation, with the 3 speed internal hub making for a virtually maintenance free machine, however, there are other options available, such as the 6 speed externally geared model and the Single-speed version offered in a range of colours. Depending on the electrical setup, prices for these electric tricycles start at $1950 complete but can be tailored to suit different power and range requirements. If you’re looking for something to enhance your mobility, come in and see us and we can take care of the rest.