Electric Kits

We stock, sell online and assemble the complete range of SOLAR BIKE electric conversion kits. Click on the images below for information on our most popular kits, call us for information on other kits. Kits are available in a variety of rim sizes, motor powers and battery capacities. You can see the complete range of kits available from SOLAR BIKE here. Kits are available in 20″, 24″, 26″, 27.5″ and 700c rims. They come with Alex DH19 rims, stainless steel spokes, controller, twist throttle, thumb throttle, controller bag, torque bar, disc, cable ties and a few other bits and pieces to make assembly easy.

BASIC KIT $450. No battery

SWIFT KIT $1050. Kit with 36V 9Ah Panasonic lithium ion tube battery

 REAR RACK KIT $1100. Kit with 36V 11Ah Panasonic lithium ion rack battery

BLACK DIAMOND KIT $1320. Kit with 36V 14.5Ah Samsung lithium ion battery

SUPER TUBE KIT $1200. Kit with 36V 11.6Ah Panasonic lithium ion tube battery

 LONG RANGE RACK KIT $1320. Kit with 36V 17.4Ah Panasonic lithium ion rack battery

 HIGH POWER KIT $1320. Kit with 48V 11.6Ah Samsung lithium ion battery

Converting your existing bicycle to electric or purposely choosing a bicycle to convert is perhaps the best way to get a high performance electric bicycle suited to your needs. We stock and use the SOLAR BIKE conversion kits, they have a fantastic range of kits available using Panasonic and Sansung batteries of various capacities and they also provide a range of motor powers and rim sizes. Keep in mind that 200W is the legal limit on Australian roads, anything over this power level needs to be an off road bicycle only. Front hub motor kits are available in rim sizes of 20″, 24″, 26″ and 700c. If you have a bicycle that you’d like converted then please bring it in and we can do the assembly work, we have converted hundreds of electric bicycles in our time and we know exactly what is suitable and what isn’t.



Mid drives are an alternative to the traditional hub motor. The 8FUN mid drive motor is considered the top of the line mid drive motor and can be installed on almost any bike. We stock and install the 250W, 350W, 750W and the new and powerful 1000W 8fun mid-drive kits. The kit alone is $800 for 250W, 350W and 750W and the new 1000W one is $1000. You’ll need a battery also. The 250W and 350W can use any 36V battery whilst the 750W and 1000W ones use a 48V battery. These kits run through the chain drive of your bicycle. Assembly is a little trickier as you need to replace the bottom bracket but they are a lovely system. Extremely quiet and efficient and capable of very high speeds depending on the gearing of your bicycle.



8fun mid

8FUN Mid Drive Motor