Electric Folding Bike

Electric Folding Bike

Electric Folding Bike $1800


We weren’t quite happy with the current models of electric folding bikes so we built our own! Codename: Zippy, its a very nimble bike with sleek look. The advantage of the Zippy is that it has a battery built into the frame making it safer to store, prevents the battery from being damaged and keeps the center of mass lower for better performance. It has a 200W front hub motor, an 8 speed hub shifter, rear rack, pedal assist and a 9Ah battery. Top that off with leather hand grips and seat, and a stealthy profile you have a great bike. Surprisingly fast and very agile this design turned out great and is suitable for medium to very short people.

Folding bikes have numerous advantages. They can be put in the back of cars and taken on holidays, or put on the train if its raining on your way to work. They are also great if you have to store your bike in the office.

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