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Perth Electric Bicycles has been creating sustainable biking solutions since long before the company officially launched in 2009. However, we found a niche in the electric bicycle market and began designing and distributing powerful and efficient conversion kits for bikes.

Our product range has since expanded to include custom-built electric bicycles and our own brand of premium e-bikes: Solarbike. We’re not satisfied with simply offering the latest lithium ion battery technologies and motor powers, though. Our team is always looking for new ways to innovate and make our products even more environmentally friendly. That’s why we’re working on projects like developing algal biofuel technology and a range of solar-charging systems.

At Perth Electric Bicycles, we believe in the future of electric transportation. Electric bikes are a fun and healthy way to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing speed or convenience. Plus, they’re incredibly cost-effective compared to maintaining and operating a car.

Our company’s founder, Matthew Timmins, is a research scientist who has dedicated his life to developing cleaner, more sustainable energy technologies. That’s why we’re so passionate about creating electric bikes that can be powered by renewable energy sources.

Whether you’re interested in converting your existing bike to operate with an electric motor, or you’re in the market for a new e-bike altogether, Perth Electric Bicycles is the place to be. We offer unparalleled support and access to the best components and technologies available.


Solarbike is our answer to the demand for e-bikes. Join us in creating a cleaner, brighter future today!

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My only go to bike shop. Friendly, helpful and good value.
Bike conversion still going strong after 3 years, just had some very quick and friendly help from them as my back light had stopped working - AA batteries just needed changing out after all this time!
Prompt friendly service with good advice.
I enjoyed my e-bike conversions, I am getting my second bike converted so that my family can enjoy the fun!
Really great service from Shawn and Matt. Super friendly, went above and beyond in explaining my options to me, letting me try out a few E-Bikes, running me through the care and use of my new E-Bike, and setting it up for me. Love my new bike and highly recommend this place.