Avanti Montari E-Sport – Shimano Steps 11.6Aph Battery + 250w Shimano Mid-Drive Motor

Avanti Montari E-Sport (Specification)

The Bike

The Avanti Montari E-Sport as the name suggests is an Electric Mountain Bike with excellent build quality and performance. Featuring a full Shimano 1×9 drivetrain, powerful hydraulic brakes and some plush 27.5+ wheels. The alloy frame is strong and more than capable on your local mountain bike trails. Additionally, it features a Suntour suspension fork with 100mm of travel and an optional lockout making it very versatile, equally at home on paved roads and urban commutes.

The Electrics

The Montari is equipped with an integrated Shimano Steps mid drive system. It features a 400Wh battery (36V 11.6Ah) mated to a 250w Shimano Mid-Drive Motor that offers a responsive and effortless ride. The display monitor is really easy to read and shows 3 levels of pedal assist; Eco, Normal, High. In action, the bike has excellent range in Eco and Normal and you will soon be familiar with finding the right assistance for your journey, be it on a trail, commuting or going shopping.

The Verdict

All told, the Avanti Montari E-Sport is a comfortable, easy and smooth ride. It has the versatility for rougher journeys on trails and comfort for riding through town. With its wide tyres and extended flat handlebars, gives you excellent control both off-road or cruising around town.

In high-performance mode, you can really feel to immediate pedal assistance on your journey, whilst in Eco mode, you will be able to do more than double the distance on your journey, with the added benefit of the bike being electric you can arrive at your destination clean and fresh.


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