Bakfiets Cargo Bike Conversion

“You couldn’t wipe the smile off his face!” -Amy, Solarbike customer; re her husbands first electric cargo bike experience.

We received some feedback and a couple of images from a customer of ours. They had recently just converted this Bakfiets Cargobike with one of our electric bicycle kits. Bakfiets are the safest way to transport your children on a bicycle according to ADAC. Their concept of carrying children in a cargo bike was innovative and is now accepted world-wide as an alternative and green form of transport.

For many parents using a Cargobike is a liberating and life changing experience especially on the school run and condensed urban areas. Since the first model there has been continuing development to allow you to carry babies, children, dogs, shopping and cargo with ease and in safety. Electrifying one of these kits is a fantastic option to help carry the extra weight that the Bakfiets allows you to carry.

This customer test rided the Bakfiets with a 40km round trip to the beach and back with his son comfortably seated and wearing a safety belt in the front.

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