SOLAR BIKE use cells from PANASONIC, they have a high C-rating – allowing them to discharge and recharge at high rates. They also have one of the highest power to weight ratios of all commercial lithium ion batteries so are an excellent choice if you are looking for a high performance electric bicycle. SOLAR BIKE’s range of PANASONIC lithium-ion batteries include two cylindrical shaped models that fit within the frame: 36V 9Ah and 36V 11.6Ah and two double layered rack style batteries: 36V 11Ah and 36V 16Ah. For use with their higher powered motors (above 500W), they supply a 48V 10Ah rack battery using a long lasting LiFePO4 cell and a tubular battery using SAMSUNG cells of 48V 10Ah.



Without doubt, the most expensive component of an electric bicycle is the battery.  It is roughly 70% of the cost of the entire unit.  You do not want to get a cheap one!  Lithium ion is for sure the choice of chemistry to use with an electric bicycle and you need to be sure to get a reliable one that can handle the high current draw that is required.  Some cheaper models still use lead acid but the weight and short life time of the battery are neither environmentally friendly, high performance or cost effective over time.  The best lithium ion battery cells used for popular electric bicycle models currently are Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and Bosch.  There are a variety of other good brands out there in use too but these ones are all reliable and have an ability to discharge and recharge at high rates.  SOLAR BIKE use PANASONIC cells.  GEPIDA use BOSCH and ORDICA use SAMSUNG. The battery should last between 2-4 years and allow between 500-1000 cycles. The capacity of a battery, measured in Ah or Wh, is directly related to the range you can travel. A higher capacity battery will give you more riding time and also cost you more. Rules of usage are: You should not regularly run it flat, you should not leave it in a flat condition, turn off the switch when not in use, give it a full charge and remove from bicycle if you’re not going to use it for over a month.