Chrissy’s electric conversion kit testimonial, May 2017

Chrissy Bike


Following one to many effort-full rides home from Freo going back up the hill, I thought to my self there must be an easier way to do local trips without using my car. Turns out there was!

I visited Matt and Wills in their shop in Fremantle because apart from being really knowledgeable about bike stuff, they also had electric conversion kits that I could put on the bike I already had… winning!

Since getting the kit I hardly use my car and I travel further on my bike that I ever thought I would – because now it’s easy. I often ride to from White Gum to Cottesloe for a coffee and I’ve even gone into Perth on it. The best part of having it is that I can ride my bike normally if I want to or turn the motor on and feel the wind in my hair… Its the best decision I’ve made in years.

So thank you Matt and Wills, thank you so very much. My trusty steed has served me well.


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