Earth Prime Ui5 Electric Stepthrough

The Ultimate Electric Stepthrough
The Ultimate Electric Stepthrough


Earth Bikes make an exciting range of specially designed electric bikes tailored to suit Australian conditions and we’re happy to offer their two latest models- The Earth Prime Ui5 (pictured) as well as the Earth Prime Mi5 mountain bike.

The Ui5 is one of the best looking stepthrough electric bikes we’ve come across in recent months as a result of it’s sleek frame design with integrated battery and it’s thoroughly modern component choices. This is matched by excellent performance thanks to it’s comfortable riding position and intuitive pedal assistance system.  A BAFANG 250 Watt rear motor provides a cruising speed of approaching 35 km/h with light pedaling whilst it’s SAMSUNG 13Ah integrated battery should give a respectable range of around 50 kilometres- though some riders have gotten as far as 100 kilometres n a single charge!

The Ui5 comes fully equipped with a rear rack, fenders and a light system and features carefully selected Schwalbe tyres to provide grip in all conditions whilst maintaining low rolling resistance for better range.
At $2499 the Ui5 is a premium electric bike with performance comparable to models that carry a significantly higher price tag. Come in and see us at our new Fremantle store and see how much this bike can enhance your cycling experience!

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