Electric Elliptigo

Elliptigo Electric

This is the Elliptigo It’s a strange contraption that gets along by doing a type of skiing motion. Toby asked us to convert it to electric about 8 months ago.  Here is his review:

“I ride a weird bike because I had a spinal fusion and cannot ride a normal bike. Its less like riding and more like running.  Combine the running, the smaller wheels, a 36 km daily commute and you have a recipe for exhaustion and overlong days.

Enter the electric conversion. I can use my bike every day now, the commute time is manageable and I’m not exercising into an early grave. The best part is I still get to exercise. Riding with an electric motor is a bit unusual. The extra power doesn’t stop me pedalling, but there’s a steep drop-off in return past the max speed generated by the motor.  I had the conversion done around November 2015. Eight months later, the battery and motor are still running smoothly.

The Fremantle crew were great. Converting the Elliptigo required some creative thinking and a wheel rebuild but they got the job done and were cheery and enthusiastic throughout the process. I wholeheartedly endorse electric conversion kits for commuter cyclists. Anything that keeps you riding every day pays for itself very quickly with lower transport costs and better health. Give it a go and if you do try the Fremantle people, they seem nice.”

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