electric solar bike fat bikeThis is a fat bike that a customer brought into our shop the other day.  He asked us to make it electric.  A few considerations with fat bikes for those wanting to do the same.  The first is that you need room within the frame to mount a battery.  The 11.6Ah 36V Panasonic tube battery was the best fit we could find.  Running at 36V limits you to a maximum motor power of about 50-700W, this is what we put on.  The motor however needed to be laced into the original rim (an extra $100 job), to do this you need to be sure to have the right number of spokes. Nearly all motorised rims have 36 spokes so you should count this first as some fat bike rims only have 32 and this isn’t ideal – though I’ve seen it done. The next and final thing is the drop out.  Front hub motors typically have an axle of 100mm, fat bikes have 135mm so you can’t use a typical front rim kit.  Luckily, rear wheel dropouts are 135mm so the trick is to lace a 36 spoke rear wheel kit into the original front wheel.  All up it came together well.  The bike is a lot more rideable – especially on the intended beach or track.


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