Electric Giant Cross City 2015 Model

Electric Giant Cross City

Click here to watch a short You Tube clip on the electric Giant Cross City. The Cross City has been a favourite bicycle to convert for a long time because of its great value for money and good fast commuting ability.  Also, in previous years it came out with a Chromoly fork so a lot of people were putting high powered direct drive motors on them.  This year (2015 model) it has an aluminium fork (the cheapest model) so it is only suitable for the larger direct drive motors and really should only be used with the mini-motors which can be powered safely at 200W or 350W. It’s still one of our favourite conversions.  The bike is only $500 this year and is unbeatable for price for this type of bike.  Add a conversion kit and for $1600 you’ll have one of the best ebikes available in Perth – or even Australia.

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