Electric Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have steadily grown in their popularity for recreational riding in recent years, particularly in Western Australia with major projects such as the Munda Biddi trail and others making the state’s natural beauty more accessible to bike riders than ever before. Indeed whenever I get on a mountain bike, there’s an overwhelming feeling of adventure. Furthermore, the trickle down of once high-end technology such as disc brakes, lightweight aluminium frames and compliant suspension systems to more affordable bikes has done much to inspire confidence among new riders. Recreational mountain biking can, nevertheless, be tough going initially, usually entailing distances of 20 to 30 kilometres over hilly terrain. So what if there was a way of giving often entry level recreational riders the confidence to overcome those challenges? That’s where our electric conversions come in.


Mens Fluid Momentum MTB
An affordable all-rounder ideally suited to recreational use on gravel roads and tracks.

Pictured here are two bikes we set up for a couple looking to start riding on weekends in the Perth hills. The bikes are FLUID Momentum Hard tails- a solid platform for recreational cross country use. They feature lightweight aluminium frames rugged enough to withstand off road use paired with a reliable set of double walled 27.5″ wheels- the latest incarnation of mountain bike wheel sizes. The drivetrain is predominantly Shimano with 24 speed wide range gears and a sturdy set of Tektro mechanical disc brakes provides reliable stopping in all conditions on-road or off. ¬†Fit for purpose and well spec’d this is a great value entry level mountain bike.



Womens Fluid Momentun MTB
An affordable all-rounder ideally suited to recreational use on gravel roads and tracks.


On to the electric side of things. We’ve fitted our Rear Wheel mini motor kits to these bikes paired to our 36V 11.6 Amp PANASONIC Tube type batteries to give an extended range of around 40 kilometres depending on conditions and level of rider input. The rear drive setup also makes for increased motor traction which is ideally suited to gravel roads and tracks.

If you’re thinking about trying recreational mountain biking for the first time but perhaps want the added confidence of power assistance, don’t hesitate to see us here at Perth Electric Bicycles. Chances are there’s a setup that’s right for you!

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