Specialized Epic with Electric Conversion

With the summer months well and truly underway, we’ve been¬†busy fitting out bikes of all shapes and sizes with our SOLARBIKE electric conversion kits. This one from last week stood out as the pick of our recent builds: the full suspension Specialized Epic.

Specialized Epic with Electric Conversion Kit
Specialized Epic with Electric Conversion Kit

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a full suspension mountain bike for an electric conversion as we’ll mention in a later post.¬† In any case, the Epic really does tick all the boxes!

The Bike

This is a 2007 Specialized Epic which featured a unique suspension design that allowed for minimal intrusion of the suspension components in the frame clearance. They’re super efficient and capable on the trails, not to mention comfortable on road which makes them a great platform for an electric conversion. Added to this, the high end Shimano Deore XT components make for excellent performance and reliability.


The Kit

The Epic is one of those rare full suspension bikes that is compatible with both a rear wheel hub kit and a mid drive system. We opted to fit it out with a BAFANG 750 Watt high power system to give it unbeatable performance both on and off road. Equally rare is the amount of clearance in the front triangle which allowed us to fit our 48V 10.5Ah Tigershark battery. The result is an electric conversion kit that integrates well with the bike in terms of both appearance and function.

The Ride

Suffice it to say that the Epic was an absolute blast to ride both on a paved surface and on tracks and trails. The electric kit being mounted as central and as low down as possible greatly aids the handling balance whilst the BAFANG motor provides phenomenal power and torque. The bike is more than 10 years old now but still feels as up to date as more recent models with sharp handling and comfortable ride quality.

The Verdict

Bikes like this really do make a strong case for the versatility and performance of our electric conversion kits! If you’re thinking about converting your own bike, why not consider stopping by our Fremantle store for a chat. We’ve got a huge range of kit options to suit all needs and budgets as well as a huge depth of experience in converting bikes to match!

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