Electric TCR Giant road bike


It’s always a bit of a tough one to convert a road bike. The problem lies with drop-bars. They have a larger diameter than all other sets of barsĀ and we’ve found it impossible to get throttles to match. We’ve done a few dodgy solutions to get by in previous times but here is far more elegant solution. Use a mid-drive conversion kit with torque sensing. This allows you to get away with not needing a throttle. The pressure on the pedals activates the motor straight away – as opposed to a regular cadence sensing motor that requires a few revolutions of the pedals. Our little mid-drive kits are really superb now. They are small, quiet, pressure sensitive and full of power. You can modify quite a few settings from the LCD as well. This TCR came together nicely, it takes a little longer as you have to replace the bottom bracket but the result is worth the effort. Our customer will surely be pleasantly surprised with his new ride – or his old ride made new.

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