Hire Our Bikes

Question: Do you hire out electric bikes?

Answer: Yes, from the shop next door. Click here for info. Start from around $50/day.


Question: How fast do they go?

Answer: Roughly 25-30km/h.


Question: How far do they go?

Answer: Roughly between 30-60km before you need to recharge.  A lot depends on rider, terrain and battery option chosen.


Question: How expensive is it to run an electric bicycle?

Answer: Running costs are extremely cheap.  It costs about 25 cents to ride 100km.  The main cost is the original purchase and then you should assume that you will want to replace the battery roughly every 3 years.


Question: How should I take care of my battery?

Answer :You should not regularly run it flat, you should not leave it in a flat condition, turn off the switch when not in use, give it a full charge and remove from bicycle if you’re not going to use it for over a month.


Question: Do you have battery gauges that can measure how much power is left in the battery?

Answer: There are indicator lights on the battery that give a rough indication. If you have a pedal assist kit then there is a level indicator on the display.


Questions: How do I charge an electric bike?

Answer: Each electric bike comes with a charger.  You plug the charger into mains power and connect it to your battery. The charger will turn off when the battery is fully charged so there is no danger of over-charging but it’s good practice to disconnect the charger when done. Click here to see methods to solar charge an electric bike. Make sure you always match the charger voltage with the battery voltage. Never use any random charger. They are a fire risk.


Question: Do your bicycles have regenerative braking?

Answer: No, we’ve decided that the pros of regenerative braking don’t out-weigh the cons currently. Benefits include about 500m extra battery life per charge. Problems arise from torquing the motor both directions in the bicycle frame that can weaken it over time, potential damage to charging battery too quickly or over-charging, higher controller failure rate, a need for extra cables from the brake levers.