Introducing Avanti Bikes!

In an exciting development we’re now happy to add Avanti bikes to our already impressive range of bicycles. As a well-established Oceanian brand, Avanti have made a name for themselves in designing reliable bikes that are designed to meet and exceed the demands of modern cyclists in often challenging Australian conditions.  So whether you’re cycling recreationally, commuting daily or testing your physical limits on-road or off, you can be confident that Avanti bikes won’t let you down!

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The quality and durability of Avanti bikes also makes them ideal for our Solarbike electrical conversions to greatly enhance their versatility as commuters or recreational bikes. Solid aluminium and steel construction ensures they’ll provide years of reliable service with the addition of electric assistance. Bikes such as the Metro and Discovery series can easily be converted into exceptionally comfortable recreation bikes while sportier models such as the Giro F and Inc can be transformed into fast and efficient commuting machines.


A timeless and comfortable stepthrough style bike ideal for recreational use
A timeless and comfortable stepthrough style bike ideal for recreational use

Both Avanti Bicycles and Solarbike electric conversion kits have been tailored to perform well in Australian conditions, making the introduction of Avanti bikes to the range our shop the obvious choice. Come down for a test ride and see why these are some of the best value ebikes on the Australian market today!

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