Lekker Amsterdam

This is probably the most underrated bike on the shop floor at the moment- But the clean, discreet styling is all part of the appeal!
The Lekker Amsterdam is a steel framed urban bike more than rugged enough for the rigours of daily commuting. Its elegant frame is equipped with simple and reliable componentry making it both practical and refreshingly straightforward to ride.

Lekker Amsterdam
Lekker Amsterdam

The Ride

As any bike enthusiast will tell you, “nothing rides quite like a steel frame” and this is certainly true of the Amsterdam. Steel is well regarded for its vibration damping and eminent durability making it ideally suited for an urban bike. The Amsterdam felt smooth and fast with a slightly more relaxed riding position than is common on these bicycles. This affords a more upright position on the bike whilst also slackening the steering somewhat- both characteristics are likely to accommodate the more occasional cyclist who may not be comfortable with the more aggressive geometries out there.

The component selection is oriented towards simplicity, making the bike easy to ride and maintain. Riders familiar with older styles of bike are sure to enjoy the inclusion of a kick-back rear brake in addition to the dual pivot caliper at the front. Furthermore, the addition of a SRAM Automatix rear hub allows two gear options that automatically adapt to your level of pedaling effort. It’s a novel system that is sure to catch on in the world of urban bikes and makes the Amsterdam more versatile than you might think. As a bike to suit Perth’s terrain and riding conditions, it’s hard to go past the Amsterdam.
Conversion Options

We’ve seen a wide range of Lekker bikes since first getting them in at the start of the year and can confirm that their quality construction is sure to make them well suited to electric conversion. The Sportief and Jordaan range make fantastic comfort e-bikes and the Amsterdam is sure to make a very capable commuter.

Its traditional frame design can accommodate any Solarbike tube or Black Diamond battery. This allows the additional weight to be kept low and central preserving the Lekker’s excellent handling performance. As for motor options, the Amsterdam is compatible with any front wheel hub motor kit or even a BAFANG middrive system to really make use of the 2 speed automatic hub. There are power options to suit any performance requirements but our recommendation would be to keep things clean and simple with the street legal 250 Watt mini motor which is sure to provide great range.

Prices for the Lekker Amsterdam start at $650 for the bike or $1800 for one sporting a Solarbike conversion kit.
Call in at our Fremantle store to test ride one. You’ll be glad you did!

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