Long Range Electric Commuter Bike

Euan's Felt Speed 30


Here at Perth Electric Bicycles we’re best known for our conversion kits tailored to suit 30-40 kilometre commutes, but what if your commute is longer than that? Say, a 100 kilometre round trip? Well we’re happy to say that with some modifications, we were able to put together a package that was up to the task!

This is Euan’s bike that we set up a few years ago, now upgraded with a set of SAMSUNG Black Diamond batteries. Euan needed a bike capable of tackling a daily commute of 50 km both ways whilst also being fast enough to cut down on commute time. The platform used was a Felt SPEED 30- A reliable flat-bar road platform well suited to comfortable and fast commuting. As far as power is concerned, it now runs a 1000Watt front motor with dual 48V 11.6 Ah Black Diamond batteries wired in parallel- effectively doubling their longevity. This provides an enormous range of between 70-90 kilometres between charges. Thus, with some topping up of the batteries during the workday, this bike has the range necessary to cover 100 kilometres a day. What’s more, commuting by e-bike means that Euan no longer has to deal with daily traffic congestion and the cost of parking not to mention the environmental burden of commuting by car.

At Perth Electric Bicycles we offer a myriad of options for e-bike commuting, so if you’re thinking of making the change yourself, chances are, we have the equipment and the know-how to have you up and running in no time.



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