Long Range Tiger Shark Battery on Giant Cross City, February 2017

Electric Giant Cross City with 21Ah Tiger Shark battery

This bicycle had done 30km trips a day for about 4 years on a 17Ah rack battery; it was time for an upgrade as the range had slightly dropped and it was no longer possible to commute the 30km on a single charge anymore. The customer opted for the newest of SOLAR BIKE’s long range battery options. This one has a huge 36V 21Ah capacity and it’s added bonus is that it’s small enough to fit within the frame of the bicycle for better handling. A battery is a consumable item but if you’re getting thousands of km out of one for a few years then it’s well worth investing in a top quality one right from the beginning that will well and truly give you your desired range. The new Tiger Shark battery styles are available in 36V 14Ah and 36V 21Ah. It’s far beyond what many people need but if you’re running a larger high power direct drive motor then it may well be worth the investment from the beginning. These new moulds have the latest 3500mAh cells from PANASONIC that came out last year. They are the best on the market this year for sure for commercially available ebikes.

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