Merida Big Seven + Big Nine (New)

Merida Big Nine

Merida Big Seven

Are you looking for a great value mountain bike?

The Merida Big Nine and Big Seven offer a great mix of quality and performance, at an affordable price. The Big Nine features Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, offering much better braking then traditional rim brakes, and at this price point, hydraulic brakes are rarely seen. Hydraulic brakes offer far more instant superior braking, than tradition cable brakes.

Shimano Acera and Altus offer decent quality shifting. With 24 speed with 3 gears on the front crankset and 8 or 9 gears on the rear, which offer a wide range of gears for climbing. Also, front suspension fork has a lockout feature, handy for going off the trails back onto roads.

With Merida’s house-branded tyres going down or up your local trails, is a blast on the big nine and big seven. As the name suggests the big nine has, large 29-inch wheels which have higher clearance for the bottom bracket to get over large or high roots, and better rolling resistance, due to the larger diameter (put simply, its got better angle of attack on bumps on the trails). On a road, you will notice it’s more efficient than your traditional 27-inch wheels. Big Seven, on the other hand, has, 27-inch wheels are better for smaller riders, or high roots, they also offer better control, as you can fit wider tyres.

The Merida Big Nine and Big Seven can be fitted with our Solar Bike Electric Conversion Kit make for even more fun, easy and enjoyable ride.

The Solar Bike Electric Conversion Kit we can offer is mid-drive motors and wheel hub motors, with a various range of 250watt motors. Then our Panasonic batteries, we have our large 17.5Aph to 21Aph batteries, giving you a longer range. Then our smaller 9Aph to 14Aph batteries still offering decent range, but at affordable prices.

Visit the store and test ride this new Merida Big Nine or Big Seven!

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