MERIDA range

In the 1970s, the MERIDA founder was on a trip in the states when he came across a note on a bike shop door saying that no Taiwanese bikes would be repaired in their shop due to poor quality. Ike Tseng took offense and made rapid plans to rectify this ill notion. Now, MERIDA are one of the world’s top quality bike brands and are famous for their great range of products and top quality. We are proud to be the first shop in Western Australia to stock and support their ebike range. They have a great range of ebikes and use the SHIMANO crank drive system called STEPS and the BOSCH crank drive system. They have a range of ebikes designed for commuters, cruisers, racers and mountain bikers. Please come into the shop to take one for a test ride. Sizes are available in XS, S, M, L. Click here to see more information on these models from the MERIDA website.

eSPRESSO 300SE EQ 418 Wh Mixte. $3399

The eSPRESSO 300SE 418 Wh is a sleek mixte style electric bike that is a great commuting machine. This ebike uses the SHIMANO mid-drive system and a 418Wh battery. The running gear on this electric bicycle is high end with a 9 speed SHIMANO Altus system and hydraulic brakes. It comes complete with integrated lights and mudguards. This is a great bike if you are going to be commuting 20-60km or more daily and want something with both performance and comfort. It has an up-right riding position with suspension forks to take out the harsher bumps on the road. Please come into our electric bicycle shop to take this for a test ride. Click here to see full specifications.

eSPRESSO 300SE EQ 504 Wh Mixte. $3799

The eSPRESSO 300SE 504 Wh is a hybrid commuting bike with exactly the same specifications as the bike shown above with the exception that it has a 20% bigger battery. To look at, it’s exactly the same but due to the increased battery size you will have a riding range that is 20% greater than you would if using the 418 Wh. It has a light alloy frame, suspension forks, quality gears and hydrualic brakes. It is a bike that is designed for a combination of comfort and riding performance; perfect for daily commutes to work and back to get a good workout but not tear the cartilage in the knees. It is also available in XS, S, M & L frame sizes. Please click here for full specifications.

eSPRESSO 300SE EQ 504 Wh Mens. $3799

The eSPRESSO 504 Wh men’s electric bicycle is a great commuting bicycle. It is a hybrid electric bicycle that is designed to be ridden from 20-80 km every day of the year. It has the large 504 Wh lithium ion battery for a great riding range and is full with all the accessories a commuter needs; lights, mud guards, upright riding position and suspension forks. This bike has good gears and hydraulic brakes suitable to the purpose of being an absolute work horse. Please come into our shop to take one for a test ride. This electric bicycle model is available in WS, S, M, L & XL frame sizes. It is one of the most popular electric bicycles on the market due to it’s robustness, comfort and use of SHIMANO crank-driven STEPS motor system. Click here to see full specifications.

eSPRESSO CITY 300 EQ 418 Wh. $3399

The eSPRESSO CITY is an electric bicycle that MERIDA have designed for a relaxed and upright riding position. It is quite possibly the electric bicycle with the lowest step-through geometry; perfect if you want to wear dresses or have just had that hip operation – or both. Like the above eSPRESSO designs, this electric bicycle is fully decked out with accessories suitable for every day commuting such as lights, mudguards, kick-stand and chain guard. If comfort, ease of riding, low step-through and high quality are key amongst your requirements for an electric bicycle then you should definitely take this one for a ride. It has the SHIMANO mid-drive motor and lithium ion battery located directly above it for optimum balance for riding performance. Please click here to see a full specification list or come into Perth Electric Bicycles for a free test ride.

eSPRESSO CITY 300 EQ 504 Wh. $3799

The eSPRESSO CITY 504 Wh is the same electric bicycle as the eSPRESSO CITY 418 with the sole exception that it has a battery capacity that is 20% greater. It looks and feels the same but will allow you a riding range that is 20% greater. This ebike has the same very low step-through geometry and upright riding position and the same SHIMANO crank motor and battery. It is an extremely popular ebike due to its high quality running gear, riding performance and comfort. Please click here for full specifications.

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