New In Store: Breezer Beltway

Breezer Beltway
The ultimate in single-speed urban commuting: Breezer Beltway


The Breezer Beltway has arrived in store and we’re soon to electrically convert it . Before we did though, we had to see for ourselves how the revolutionary Gates Belt Drive system stood up to urban riding. The short answer is: Very well!

The amount of attention to detail¬†¬†that went into producing this bicycle is evident in the selection of it’s singlespeed ratio as well as in the selection of componentry. For those unfamiliar with the belt-drive system, it effectively involves the replacement of a standard drive chain with a single sided carbon belt. This system is both lighter than a drive chain as well as less prone to stretching. More noticeable though, is how smooth and silent the system operates even under hard pedaling. This system coupled to mechanical disc brakes for reliable stopping power in all conditions and Continental Sport Contact tyres makes the Beltway ideally suited to commuting in Perth- even throughout the fast approaching wet season.

To complement the Beltway’s setup, we’ll likely be fitting it with our mini-motor kit with a centrally mounted tube battery. This should make the bike a moderate to long distance urban commuter with exceptional versatility and low maintenance. We’ve always been believers that great e-bikes start out as great bikes. For that reason, we’ll be pretty excited to see what the Beltway is capable of when we convert it!


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