Revived Gordonson Aero

This is a review from a customer who purchased an electric bike conversion kit and set it up:

Electric Godonson bike
electric converted racer

“This is my old Gordonson Aero, originally purchased from Gordonson (587 Wellington Street in Perth; a shop now long gone) for the princely sum of $278 in 1985. It has now been electrified with a Solar Bike Long Range Kit. The throttle posed a bit of a problem on drop bars, but the solution on which I finally settled allows one thumb throttle to be easily manipulated wherever I position my right hand on the bars.

Of course, because it is an old bike, nothing fitted without a bit of work. The front forks needed filing to take the spindle and the original 27″ front wheel had to be swapped for a 700C one (making the front of the bike 4 mm lower and requiring a small modification to the short aluminium mudguard). The rear of the frame didn’t have lugs for mounting the top part of the carrier, but luckily the fixing arms can just reach the clamp bolt for the seat stem.

Although the original bike had a large and pretty heavy steel frame, the total weight of the electrified version is 23 kg – significantly lighter than most off-the-shelf electric bikes. It certainly smooths out the hilly streets of Hobart!



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