SOLARBIKE Tandem Bicycle Conversion


There are few better ways to share the enjoyment of cycling than with a Tandem. Tandem bikes are designed to be ridden with a captain in the front, and a stoker or passenger in the rear. The rider in the front controls the bike, leaving the rider in the rear, with nothing more to do than to assist with pedalling and enjoy the ride, in fact, the rear rider needs hardly any balancing skills at all. It gets even better when the tandem bike has been equipped with a SOLARBIKE electric conversion kit.

This customer’s bike features a classic tandem geometry frame and a semi-horizontal dropout. It also features two classic cruiser saddles with double springs and alloy V-brakes. Additionally, all SOLARBIKE wheels are disc brake compatible.

This SOLARBIKE electric converted tandem is a great way to share the joy of cycling with friends and family. Tandems are often purchased by couples, families or people with a disability which restricts them from being able to ride a bike on their own. Get a tandem, share the joy of cycling!

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Front Wheel Motor

SOLARBIKE 17.5Ah Rack Battery fitted with Panasonic Cells

Pedal Assist System with Thumb Throttle

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