Urban E-bike

To celebrate the start of Spring and the imminent return of pleasant riding conditions, we’ve brought in a new bike to our range of Orbea E-bikes, The Orbea Urban 10.
Some of our customers may be familiar with Orbea’s Urban 20, and rest assured, the Urban 10 retains all the sharp looks and comfortable ride that makes the 20 the excellent conversion option it is.
The Urban 10 brings to the table a powerful pair of mechanical disc brakes and deeper section rims to make it an even more robust commuting platform with more predictable performance in wet conditions. The change of season in Perth is, after all, renowned for being pretty wet on occasion.

Orbea Urban 10


We’ve fitted this bike with one of our new rear-drive 700c mini motors running at 350Watts giving it lively acceleration and impressively balanced handling. Battery wise, it runs our tried and tested Panasonic tube type battery available with capacities of 9Ah and 11.6Ah for those longer rides.

At $1850, the Urban 10 represents a quality and cost effective way to get out there and enjoy the excellent cycling weather ahead!
See you out there.

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